8 Things Only Vancouverites Think Are Normal

Everyone has 30 pairs of yoga pants...right?

It's no secret that this city is filled with tons of little quirks that all Vancouverites grow accustomed to after a while. So accustomed, in fact, that they don't even realize that they're weird until someone from outside of the city points it out. Believe it or not, eating sushi for every meal is not actually as common as you would think. Shocking, I know.

Whether you've lived in Vancouver for your whole life or have just moved here recently, anyone who has lived in the city for more than about six months will no doubt recognize the following things as being all too relatable.

1. Wearing yoga pants with zero intention of ever doing yoga

There's no shame in this. Yoga pants are super comfy and perfect for wearing while eating an entire large pizza on the couch by yourself. Plus, they do amazing things for your butt.

2. Not seeing the sun for 30+ days at a time

Vancouver weather is usually rain, or maybe clouds if you're lucky. There's rarely an in between, yet all Vancouverites just seem to accept the fact that the sun is nothing but a distant fantasy.

3. Crossing the street before the walk signal

Every time there's a huge group of people waiting to cross the street, there's always a select few that just seem to know that the walk signal is going to change a minute or two before it actually does. These people are the true Vancouverites. They know the crosswalks better than most people know themselves.

4. Having more than ten favourite sushi restaurants

If you use the phrase, "No trust me, it's the best sushi ever" at least once a week, you're a Vancouverite. Bonus points if you're referring to a different sushi place every single time you say it.

5. Accepting the fact that you can pretty much only wear waterproof shoes for a majority of the year

Wow, those suede shoes are going to look really, really good sitting in your closet for the rest of eternity. Or at least until it stops raining. It's the same length of time, really.

6. Matching your umbrella to your outfit

If you're going to use an umbrella everyday of your life anyways, why not incorporate it into your outfit? Make it a fashion statement. Work it.

7. Owning Canucks merchandise regardless of if you're actually in to hockey

Somehow, even if you don't care about hockey at all, you're almost guaranteed to have something Canucks in your home. You almost never remember where it came from either, but just accept the fact that you own it now. It's just part of living in Vancouver.

8. The phrase "going to the island" is totally normal to any Vancouverite, but always sounds really impressive to outsiders.

There's nothing more amusing than telling your out of town friends that you're going to the island, and them being really impressed because "island" sounds so fancy and chic. They probably think you're going on some major vacation, when in reality you're probably just going to get a hot dog and wander around downtown Victoria for an hour.

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