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8 Types Of People You'll Definitely Meet In Victoria

It's not a stereotype if it's true.
8 Types Of People You'll Definitely Meet In Victoria

Most people who visit Victoria are always trying to find their way back to the Southern border of Vancouver Island. The weather is mild, the community is bangin', and the food is worthy of inappropriate hashtags.

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The city can be broken down by 7 basic personalities that you'll see many variations of. Here is my very blunt breakdown of the types of people you'll definitely meet in Victoria.

The Hipster

Sips cocktails at Little Jumbo almost every night. Rides a road bike in a jean jacket and a toque in any season. Found daily at the "cyber-free haven" that is Habit Coffee, always asking about what new coffee is in. Probably works there too.

The Hippie

Cowichan sweater. Check. Dreadlocks. Check. Essential oils. Check. Always protesting something. Wears a One Love pin.

The Student

The Student takes many forms. UVIC is a destination school and Victoria is never in short supply of new students. The Student is either hard at work at the UVIC Library during the day or partying on res at night. If The Student is 19+ you can find them at Distrikt Nightclub or shooting pool in the Games Room talking about how midterms next week are going to "totally blow."

The Senior (Citizen)

Newly-wed, nearly dead they say! You can find the Senior almost anywhere in Sidney hanging out in their retirement home by the beach or walking their Maltese along the boardwalk. The Senior will always smile at you and if you're lucky you'll get a Werther's Original from their pocket stash.

The Stoner

The Student and The Stoner are often found at the same parties. However, The Stoner is sitting on the couch telling anyone who will listen about their conspiracy theories regarding the video game industry. Probably vapes too.

The Free Spirit

Always at a music festival. Always happy. Always drinking matcha lattes in the winter and lemonade in the summer. Always wants you to be authentically you. ✌️️ ✌️️ ✌️️

The Artist

DIY expert and probably co-owns or works at a studio in town. Constantly working and telling people how much they love their job. Probably journals. The Artist isn't limited to just painters but weavers, writers, crafters, and freelancers of all kind.

The Outdoorsy One

Always down to hike The Trestle. Always prepared with crampons and a granola bar. Will always bring their DSLR to capture those #PNW moments.

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