We're all familiar with the success story of Lululemon and Native Shoes, but they're not the only Vancouver-based fashion brands that are making a killing.

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In a city with so many talented people in fashion, design, and entrepreneurship, we simply have to give a shout out to the founders and designers of these fashion labels that are doing something unique with their labels that shout "Vancouver".

Anyone who lives in Vancouver, loves Vancouver. I mean how could you not? And what better way to show off your Vancity pride than by rocking these amazing labels made by our city's finest?

via @shottynotofficial

SHOTTYNOT // @shottynotofficial

SHOTTYNOT is an up-and-coming local street brand that is making waves in the city. The founding team of designers from diverse backgrounds, Nathan, Matt, Sonny, Ken and Sandra, are making a statement about breaking the chains that traditionally define success and creativity through their collective and individual designs. Their latest collection of crewnecks named UNITY THROUGH DIVERSITY is the ultimate moto for our multicultural and metropolitan Vancouver.

via @mintandbirch

Mint and Birch // @mintandbirch

Jessica Birak, the lady behind Mint and Birch, is creating premium quality, handcrafted, artisinal bar jewelry that is elegant, fun and unique. Her vision is to tell personal stories through each piece of customizable jewelry. From adorable pineapple necklaces to beautiful handwritten calligraphy bracelets, like the one above, Birak has a piece for everyone.


VNCVR Clothing // @vncvr_clothing

VNCVR Clothing, founded by Derek Kesseler and Stuart Van Volkenburg, is a proud Vancity clothing brand that showcases the creativity and the loyalty of this city's individuals. Beyond just focusing on the city's best, they also value giving back to the community by donating to the BC Children's Hospital on every item that is sold. With clothing and accessories that boast the name "VNCVR", you can't possibly get more Vancouver than that.

via @brunettethelabel

BRUNETTE The Label // @brunettethelabel

Brunette the Label, a clothing line founded by Miriam Alden in 2015, started off as a marketing tool for their sister label, Brunette Showroom. But one piece after another, the tool grew into an entire collection of fun and feminine apparel and accessories. Their Brunette The Label Collection currently features gorgeous vegan leather jackets and chic winter weather sweaters that you absolutely have to get your hands on.

via @sixhundredfour

Six Hundred Four // @sixhundredfour

Six Hundred Four, founded by pro golfer and entrepreneur James Lepp, is a premium sneaker brand that features local artists to create original and unique designs for their quality 604 footwear. They are believers in telling stories through pieces of art and even stronger believers in giving back to the community by donating over $20 of each pair sold to charities of the artists' choice. Check out their new store front that just opened this week on 123 Cambie St. in Gastown!

via @lisbethjewelry

Lisbeth Jewelry // @lisbethjewelry

Sophie Alden, yes - Miriam Alden's sister, is also creating amazing accessories that you have to get your hands on. Her simple and subtle, but yet glamorous jewelry line, Lisbeth Jewelry, began when she felt the need to create the missing pieces from her wardrobe. Handcrafted with 14K gold fill, sterling silver and semi-precious stones, her jewelry will beautifully finish any outfit.

via @maccsthelabel

MACCS The Label // @maccsthelabel

They say that Canadians and Australians get along famously because we're both very chill, relaxed and easy-going. Tessa Garcia Consejo figured the same would go for style. Her clothing line, MACCS The Label, takes hints from the beachy, boho, Aussie-inspired designs and Vancouverites are absolutely loving it. Her newest pieces include beautiful satin lace playsuits and cute, comfy lounge tees.

via @partyskirts

PARTYSKIRTS // @partyskirts

For the fun-loving, party-going fashionista, PARTYSKIRTS is the Vancouver-based clothing line you have to know about. Lauren and Mariel Armstrong, the founders of PARTYSKIRTS, are the sisters behind these adorable statement skirts with cute and unique designs that are making it big. Already having been featured in magazines like Glamour, Teen Vogue and ELLE Canada, the Armstrong ladies are putting Vancouver on the map for fashion.

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