8 Unique Places To Go Drinking With Your Friends In Vancouver That Aren't Bars

We’ve all had those nights or even those days when drinking is definitely a priority but the bar just isn’t speaking to you. At the same time getting drunk at home can sometimes cross the line between being budget conscious and straight up depressing.

Luckily, when life hits you with indecision there are a bunch of venues around the city that are licensed for drinks and a good time. For those who want to drink outside the box and leave the lines of the bar behind, below is a list of places to go drinking in Vancouver that aren’t a bar.

Commodore Bowling & Billiards // 838 Granville St

With only a sign on Granville Street and a questionable flight of stairs leading down to some sort of basement, the Commodore is very unassuming from the outside. But once you’re in you are greeted by twelve bowling lanes, 20 billiard tables, and a licensed lounge. With a nostalgic atmosphere and great vibe on the weekend Commodore is a great alternative to your regular bar.

 Storm Crow Tavern // 1305 Commercial Drive

At this sci-fi, geek chic tavern you can pick from an extensive board game collection or bring your own and enjoy an unconventional night out with friends. With a full food and drink menu, you can take a gamble and toss the 20 sided dice of destiny and take the shot that fate picks for you. Storm Crow has locations on both Commercial Drive and Broadway.

Cineplex VIP Cinema // 170 Schoolhouse Street

For movie-goers who want to upgrade their experience and have a drink in the process Cineplex VIP Cinema in Coquitlam is the perfect marriage of the two. An elevated Netflix and chill, enjoy the latest releases in theatre from the comfort of high back leather rocking chairs with a full menu and bar. This definitely beats waiting in line at the bar.

Photo cred - jennieyan

Soho's Cafe and Billiards // 1283 Hamilton Street

Soho Café keeps it simple. Located in Yaletown, this laid-back pool hall has eight pools tables you can rent by the hour. With cheap drinks and amazing nachos, it’s the perfect spot for a chill night out with friends.

Rusty Rail BBQ // Grouse Mountain

For those who really want to feel like they earned their drink, the ambitious can scale up Grouse Mountain. After getting an amazing workout, savour a much deserved cold beer at the Rusty Rail BBQ and give your legs a break as you enjoy the view on the gondola right down.

 One Under Urban Golf Club // 476 Granville St

With a new approach to indoor entertainment, One Under is an urban golf club with state of the art golf simulators. The club offers food, alcoholic beverages, lounges and private party rooms. Bookings can be made up to 3 weeks in advance.

Science World // 1455 Quebec St

Embrace your inner kid at Science World After Dark events. These 19+ evenings allow visitors to explore the science centre after dark and enjoy a drink while you get your Bill Nye on. Events take place twice a month and tickets can be purchase through their website.

Beer Island (Habitat Island) // Olympic Village

The name pretty much speaks for itself. This small manmade island has become a popular place to crack a beer and enjoy the view of Science World and Yaletown. It should be noted that Vancouver's liquor laws do add an element of danger to this spot so make sure to clean up and refrain from acting a fool.

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