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8 Steps To Getting The Ultimate Road Trip Van

Get ready for some fun road trips ahead!

The absolute best times of my life

Now, traveling alone is fun and all

decking out a Westfalia van,

I’ve compiled a list of ways to build the ultimate road trip van which is sure to come in handy this summer when I’m off with my friends exploring Canada. And hey, it might even spark some curiosity in you too!

Purchase a Volkswagen Westfalia van because how else are you going to get around?

The very first way to build the ultimate road trip van is to,

rent a vintage VW Westfalia van

via @vanlifediaries

Invest in a nice bed because hello, sleep.

If you’re going to be road tripping like my friends and I are doing this summer,

Investing in a nice bed is going to change your life.

via @airstream_dreams

Storage, storage, STORAGE!

Living in a WF van all summer can prove to be extremely cramped.

A mini fridge will come a long way. So will a microwave. And a camping stove.

This one is a little more obvious because you have to eat.