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9 Abandoned Ghost Towns You Must Visit In BC

Don't forget your camera.
9 Abandoned Ghost Towns You Must Visit In BC

British Columbia is obviously the best province in Canada. We have mountains for days, beautiful wine country and miles of beaches. We also have some pretty cool abandoned towns that are totally worth exploring.

If you're looking for an adventure this long weekend I suggest getting in the car, packing up your camera and taking a trip out to one of these awesome BC ghost towns.

Here are a list of BC Ghost towns you have to check out this summer. 

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Bralorne and Bradian

Bralorne and its neighbouring town Bradian are located just north of Pemberton (so you can check it out during Pemberton Fest this year) about 4 hours from Vancouver. Once a popular gold mining town, but when the mine was shut down in 1971 the town was deserted. Multiple owners had tried to redeveloped the area into a retirement community or a resort town but it is still left basically empty. Home to only a few die hard powder lovers.

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A small asbestos mining town in the Cassiar Mountains in Northern BC. When the mill was forced to close in 1992 the town quickly became abandoned and many of the houses and buildings were torn down and burned.

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Located an hour and a half north of Nelson, BC this area had so many towns left abandoned they dubbed it "The Valley of the Ghosts" and Sandon is right in the heart of it. There are still some preserved buildings and a museum that attracts many tourists.

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One of the more popular ghost towns in BC and also one of the best maintained historical gold rush towns in North America. These days it is home to a few actors who will re-enact scenes from the towns golden days.

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Located near Abbotsford, this town was designated as a heritage site in 1996 and was the first company owned town in BC. It was originally built to house and service employees of Clayburn Company and when the demand for bricks and clay went down, so did the town. There are still some preserved buildings in the area that you can visit.

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Located on the northern coast of BC this ghost down was abandoned by its 1200 odd residents in 1982. With crash of molybdenum the entire community was evacuated after just 18 months of residence. This is definitely one of the best ghost towns in BC. The mall, grocery store and many other buildings have been left empty for over 30 years but are still in immaculate condition.

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This small logging town located near Whistler was abandoned in 1966. Old building and cars from the 50s are still nestled in this forest town. This area now acts as a great hiking trail outside of Whistler and its definitely worth the trip. Bring your camera.

On the coast of the Observatory Inlet, Anyox was once one of the most successful recourse towns in the north. In its peak the town was home to over 3000 residents. Now all that is left of the town is the hydro electric dam and the abandoned power house building.

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Located 4000 feet a top a mountain and about 3 hours from the Fraser Valley, Blakeburn was abandoned shortly after a large explosion in one of the mine killed many workers in 1930. This was one of the worst mining disasters in BC history and the results of it still affect mining today. When the mines closed in 1940 the town was left in the dust but you can still see many reminisce of the town today.

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