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9 Adventures To Go On In BC If You And Your Friends Are Secretly Grandmas

We're all secretly grandmas and grandpas inside.
9 Adventures To Go On In BC If You And Your Friends Are Secretly Grandmas

There's this awkward stage you hit in your early twenties. After you've crushed a few too many Palm Bays and been up and down the Granville Entertainment District a few too many times (you know what I'm talking about). Going downtown just doesn't make sense, because for you twenty-year-old-grandmas, bedtime is at 10 PM sharp. 

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Everyone has a bit of "millennial-granny" in them. Those mid-day naps. The staying home because your sweats and bathrobe are just too comfy. There might be some 19-year old backpacking in Madrid, but hey - I bet they can't lie on a couch and eat peanut butter with a spoon in Madrid. And what's better than one grandma, than a group of them? Or rather, your BFFs. 

But even the homebodies need some excitement once in a while. And while their 10 PM bedtime prevents them from downing a pint at the Irish Heather, we've got a list of crazy - yet wholesome - ideas for the grandmas and grandpas at heart. 

1. Paddle Boarding or Kayaking // Deep Cove

These water-sports exist purely to satisfy the West Coast grandma. It's a beautiful way to experience BC's nature firsthand, and you'll be back in the house before 5PM tops. Not just that, but you can bring your furry friends and make them aquatic! 

Cost: Hourly rates are available, or MEC does full day rental at $35.  

2. Go Karting // Richmond

Let's be honest, driving (especially during rush hour or in high volume areas) can be nothing short of stressful and irritating. But take it to the tracks, and driving just got a lot more fun. No honking, no giant Ford trucks cutting you off. And you probably don't have to shoulder check here either. 

Cost: Prices vary by time, individual prices start at $11/race and packages at $33. 

3. Indoor or Outdoor Paintball // North Vancouver or Richmond

Got really realllly into that Jason Bourne movie you watched last night? Maybe your friend ate the last piece of pizza one too many times, and you need a way to get them back. Well grab some friends, play the James Bond theme and fire away. 

Cost: Regular prices start at $39.99 with weekday specials and ladies play free on Fridays. 

4. Extreme Water Sports // Deep Cove

Maybe you've already been kayaking or paddle boarding this summer. It's time to speed things up and see what else the water has to offer. It's really not that "extreme"... and it'll look cool on Instagram. Although intimidating, some water sports like wake surfing and wake skating are rather easy to pick up. 

COST: Single lessons start at $60.50 

5. Escape Games // Vancouver & Richmond

Easier said than done, as the granny would say. Test your wit, brains and skills with your bffs and see how quickly you can finish the challenges. Or just laugh at that one friend who takes it WAY too seriously. 

Cost: Prices vary, though you can often find deals on Groupon. 

6. Ziplining // Whistler 

Another way to get way out into nature and grab a view of BC that's absolutely unparalleled - Ziplining can be the highlight of any drive up to Whistler. Between the adrenaline rush and the wobbly legs, you'll probably be hurrying home after this. 

Cost: Groupons are available for purchase at $98. 

7. Wine Tastings // Downtown Vancouver

Maybe it finally is time to have a night on the town. Oh, but definitely not downtown. And nothing too loud or saturated with strangers. You're past that stage. Why not try a wine tasting, the Vancouver Urban Winery has 36 wines on tap daily, why commit when you can try five wines to start? 

Cost: A flight of five starts at $12. 

8. Adult Pottery and Painting // West Vancouver

Rainy day? Girls night out? Why not let your Van Gogh out and Gogh painting and potting at Bella Ceramica? It's drop in, easy for groups of people, and make for heartfelt and homemade gifts. 

Cost: Your choice of pottery starting as low as $5, plus $4 for paint and supplies. 

9. Bungee Jumping // Whistler 

The most heart-pounding, adrenaline-inducing, mind-numbing thing you could do on this list. Whistler is home to one of the world's most famous bungee jumps. So what's it gonna be? Jump, or jump?

Cost:$130 for a single jumper, $105 each for a group of 10 or more.

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