Ahhh, ice cream. The sweet treat that is loved by all, and Vancouver is a heaven for it. There's just something so undeniably satisfying about a smooth, creamy scoop any day of the year.

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Though ice cream is for everyone, dairy may not be. But lucky you Vancouver, many local ice cream shops offer delicious vegan options that will make even the dairy lovers swoon.

So whether it's for dietary reasons or ethical reasons, you can still say yes to a nice, fat scoop. Here are 9 of the best spots in the city to get your plant-based ice cream fix:

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Virtuous Pie // 583 Main St

Known for their freaking delicious plant-based pizzas, Virtuous Pie also serves up some of the smoothest, yummiest vegan ice cream ever. With flavours like Pecan Salted Caramel Popcorn, Turmeric and Black Pepper, Hawaiian Vanilla, and Coffee and Donuts, you might just have you converted.

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Nice Vice // 1022 Mainland St

Banoffee Pie with Graham Crackers vegan ice cream? Uhm, YES PLEASE! Nice Vice is Vancouver's first 0% dairy, plant based micro-creamery where they make their ice cream fresh daily!

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Chau Veggie Express // 5052 Victoria Dr

Chau Veggie is a home to all vegans, a friendly and familiar favourite. But not everyone knows about their insane plant-based desserts like their Heavenly Hazelnut ice cream...it is to DIE for.

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Rain Or Shine // 102-1926 West 4th Ave

Rain Or Shine's ice cream is so good that we will literally go rain or shine (lol, sorry). On top of their delicious dairy ice cream flavours that are all made from locally sourced ingredients, their vegan options are a must-try! How could you miss out on their Coconut Chocolate Chunk and their Vegan Yumaste Sundae?!

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Tangram Creamery // 2729 Arbutus St

Tangram is one of the new kids on the block in the Vancouver ice cream scene but they are poppin'. So okay, they don't offer vegan ice cream, but they do have some of the yummiest vegan sorbets, like their seasonal peach, lychee, and mango flavours!

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Earnest Ice Cream // 1829 Quebec St. and 3992 Fraser St.

Cookies and Cream. Cafe au Lait. Mint Chip. Maple Walnut. Chocolate. AND THEY'RE ALL VEGAN! Thank the ice cream gods at Earnest.??

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Rooster's Ice Cream Bar // 1039 E Broadway St.

Specializing in small-batch quality ice cream, Rooster's offers some of the freshest and most delicious vegan options: Coconut strawberry, and Avocado swirled with rasberry.

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Fluffy Kittens // 611 Gore Ave.

How adorable is this sweet kitty treat?! With delicious vegan flavours AND vegan waffles, you absolutely have to hit up Fluffy Kittens. But I have to warn you, their hours are pretty elusive. At the moment they are closed for the holidays but will reopen mid January!

Pro-tip: Keep up with them on Twitter so you know when they're open and closed.

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Mister // 1141 Mainland St.

Made with rocket science liquid nitrogen (ok jk, it's not rocket science), Mister ice cream always has deliciously smooth vegan ice cream flavours on rotation...so you'll just have to step in to see what's good!

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Say Hello Ice Cream Truck // Keep up with their truck!

Delicious ice cream sandwiches and tasty scoops, and they offer 100% dairy free options too! But since it's a food truck, you're going to have to do your best to keep up with them on Twitter or Instagram.

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