Tacos! Not just for Tuesdays anymore. Victoria may be small but they have insane taco game. Soft shell, hard shell, and something called tacones, the island has you covered.

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I've always said I've had an open relationship with food and I truly wanted to go above and beyond for this article so I went ahead and tried EVERY. SINGLE. PLACE. You're welcome.

Next time you're craving a corn tortilla combined with meat, veg, and salsa, refer to this list. I'll even catch the ferry with you.

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La Taqueria Pinche // 766 Fort St

Come for the tacos. Stay for the smokey mezcal margaritas. Aye caramba!

Recommended: Al Pastor. Fvck your aversion to pineapple.

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Taco Justice // 1580 Cook St

No one loves Taco Justice more than my best friend, Hannah. Make her happy. Go there.

Recommended: She says The Green Bastard. I'd trust her.

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Tacofino // 15 W Cordova St

Hands down my fave taco place in town! Tacofino originated from Tofino so the Victoria version is obvs better than the Vancouver one. Keep it local, y'all!

Recommended: 1 steak taco and 1 tuna taco. Best $12 you've ever spent.

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Red Fish Blue Fish // 1006 Wharf St

Known for their fish and chips the tacones are Red Fish Blue Fish's best-kept secret! Only open seasonally and yes the line up is worth it.

Recommended: Albacore tuna tacone. Go ahead, get fish & chips too!

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Choose your own adventure at La Taquisa with 5, 6, and 8 taco combos! Gluten-free corn tortillas to take your annoying friends.

Recommended: The Baja Shrimp tacos before they run out for the day!!

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Hernande'z Cocina // 1600 Bay St

Easy to miss but sure to miss out if you don't find it. Hernade'z takes tacos to the next level with their authentic Mexican recipes and chill family vibes.

Recommended: Pork Power Bar

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Café Mexico // 1425 Store St

Victoria's 31-year-old restaurant had a facelift and it is better than ever! Café Mexico is definitely the place to take your friend who loves Mexican for their birthday. Tequila shots in sombreros and a conveyer belt of tacos should do the trick!

Recommended: Chicken taco with salsa verde.

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Quesada Burritos & Tacos // 576 Yates St

Go ahead! Call it a chain! But if you need tacos and you need them right now your best bet is to check out Quesada on Yates where deliciousness and fast service collide.

Recommended: Chile lime fish tacos.

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North 48 // 1005 Langley St

What doesn't North 48 do?? Well I'll tell ya, they crush the taco game on top of just about everything else.

Recommended: Tempura yam taco.