9 Easy Hikes That Will Lead You To The Most Serene Swimming Spots In Vancouver

With the sun shining down on us the past few weeks in Vancouver, we can practically hear the crisp water in Vancouver's many swimming holes calling out to us.

Vancouver is known for its abundance in hiking trails, with many trails leading to either a spectacular mountaintop view or a beautiful serene lake. During the summer months, what better way to reward yourself after a (easy, but nonetheless) hike than jumping into some seriously refreshing water?

Here we have a list of nine super easy hikes to take this summer that will lead you to the best serene swimming spots!

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Mystery Lake // Mount Seymour

Located in Mount Seymour Provincial Park, this is a scenic lake that is only a short distance from the parking lot! The lake is both dog-friendly and kid-friendly, and due to its short hiking distance it is super easy and accessible - perfect for a hot summer's day!

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Whyte Lake // West Vancouver

Located just above Horseshoe Bay, the hike to Whyte Lake begins a little bit steep, but is generally short and easy. At only a 30 minute drive away from Vancouver, it will definitely be one of the best spots for summer!

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Cat Lake // Squamish

Offering a rope swing as well as an awesome swimming hole, Cat Lake is only located 15 minutes from Squamish! It is an incredibly easy hike as well, only a short kilometre from the parking area to the camping ground where you can swim.

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Sasamat Lake // Port Moody

The hiking trail in this area wraps completely around Sasamat Lake, so you have your pick where you'd like to stop and swim in the lake! This is an easy, accessible, year-round hike.

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30-Foot Pool // Lynn Canyon

One of the better known swimming holes close to Vancouver, the 30-Foot Pool can get relatively busy during the summer - but it still stands as one of the best swimming spots! Take a short walk through the Lynn Canyon Park to reach the pool.

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Sooke Potholes // Sooke River

A set of naturally formed pools and unique rock formations that span for five kilometres along Sooke River! The water in the swimming holes are a beautiful aqua green, and you can take a long and easy hike along the river as you discover the many swimming holes in the area.

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Medicine Bowls // Browns River

Also known as the Browns River Falls, it is a short 15 minute trail along a dirt road. This place is relatively unknown so it is extremely serene - however do take note that it can be quite dangerous as there are lots of slippery rocks, so if you're a beginner this is not the place for you!

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Barbers Hole // Courtenay

Located in Nymph Falls Nature Park, there are actually many interesting trails in the park - one that will lead you to Barbers Hole. You will find a beautiful serene swimming hole that also has a large rock that people enjoy cliff-jumping off!

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Cabin Lake // Cypress

Just a half-hour drive from Vancouver, and a short 45 minute hike, Cabin Lake is definitely a spot you have to visit. It can get crowded during the summer months, however it is an oasis and deserves the attention!

Nothing beats relaxing in the chilly, refreshing, water after a hike in the sun, so what are you waiting for!