Adulting can be tiring, especially as December approaches and you're worrying about what to get for who, planning the next holiday dinner, getting ready for the next squad get-together, making sure you can get your S/O the new iPhone X for Christmas while still being able to afford rent... stress.

But in the midst of all the hectic holidays, you still need to take care of yourself and your well being. And sometimes, that means treating yourself to the little luxuries in life. Take a break from all your adulting worries and gift yourself with a small pick me up. Forty-five dollars may not be a lot, but it can go a long way.

Forget the world and all its rotating craziness for a minute, and give yourself a little TLC. From DIY mimosas to grotto spa pools. Here are 9 fancy things you can do right now to treat yo'self:

HJU:Z Lounge

Upscale bar and lounge

Where: 1601 Bayshore Dr // Coal Harbour

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Price: $15-20 per cocktail

Why you should go: If you can't go jet-setting this holiday, let HJU:Z Lounge fly you around the globe with worldly-inspired small bites and cocktails like the Eiffel 75, the Muscovite, and other metropolitan drinks. The interior is reminiscent of the 1920s art deco opulence and is nothing short of luxurious. Get a little dressy and grab a fancy drink at HJU:Z with your squad or bae, and feel fancy AF.


Prép Beauty Parlour

Manicure service

Where: 1305 Burrard St // Downtown Vancouver

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Price: $45 for gel polish manicure

Why you should go: Every girl needs to feel beautiful, and if that means throwing a bit of cash at a fancy manicure then heck, why not? Prép Beauty Parlour is hands down one of the cutest, most insta-worthy beauty salons in Vancouver. With an adorable birdcage swing seat and luxurious white sofa chairs fit for a queen, Prép will give you the pampering you deserve.


Puriin Spa and Wellness

Floatation therapy

Where: 1128 W Hastings St // Coal Harbour

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Price: $35 per 90-minute float session with Groupon

Why you should go: Ever just needed to clear your mind clean of anything and everything? Of course you have. Puriin Spa is currently offering a $35 Groupon on a 90-minute float session that will let you relax and soothe your mind and body from daily stresses. If you've never tried floatation therapy in these sensory deprivation tanks, then it's something you might want to give a chance.



Buck-a-shuck oysters

Where: 590 W Georgia St // Downtown Vancouver

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Price: Happy Hour $1 oysters

Why you should go: What's fancier than oysters? Nothing. Okay, there are some things but personally, oysters are pretty high up there on my list. Check out Glowbal's Happy Hour for their buck-a-shuck oysters and $5 drink specials. Make sure you dine in their adorable cage tables on their heated patio. Do it for the insta.


Grotto Spa at Tigh-Na-Mara

Mineral pool spa

Where: 1155 Resort Dr // Parksville

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Price: $40 per person for grotto pool admission

Why you should go: Treat yourself to a luxurious spa weekend getaway. Just a short drive and ferry ride away to Parksville on Vancouver Island is Canada's no. 1 spa, the Grotto Spa at Tigh-Na-Mara. The pool is open to anyone, and it only costs $40. Enjoy the same relaxing spa experience without having bust out the big bills.


Tuc Craft Kitchen

DIY mimosas

Where: 60 W Cordova St

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Price: $35

Why you should go: DIY may not sound all that fancy, but through "mimosas" into the mix and you've got a combo for a boujee ass brunch. At Tuc Craft Kitchen, you can order DIY Mimosas during their brunch service so you can make your drink as boozy or easy-to-drink as you like.


Salt Wonder Himalayan Salt Caves

Salt therapy

Where: 940 16th St W // North Vancouver

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Price: $24 per 45-minute sessions with Groupon

Why you should go: The Christmas season an be stressful AF, with the holiday shopping, family get-togethers and parties, you need some time for yourself. While you probably won't hike the Himalayan mountains to find serenity this winter, you will definitely find peace and quiet at the Salt Wonder Himalayan Salt Caves. This salt therapy treatment has been proven to promote mental and physical health as well as reduce stress and anxiety - definitely something we all need.



Chocolate tasting class

Where: 1275 Homer St

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Price: $13.50 per person or $46.50 per 4 person class with Groupon

Why you should go: We're not talking about your average Kit Kat or Coffee Crisp chocolate bar here. Xoxolat offers chocolate tasting classes that feature a selection of luxurious, high-quality chocolate that is meant for tasting and savouring as you learn about the history and intricacies of chocolate. If you're a foodie, then knowing more about chocolate might just be your thing. Besides, who doesn't love chocolate?


Cineplex VIP Cinemas

Cocktails at the cinema

Where: Various locations

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Price: $20 per person on weekdays, $25 per person on weekends, $50 “Hump Day” package on Wednesdays which comes with 2 tickets and 2 entrees

Why you should go: Tired of sneaking booze in to the theatres? Yeah, me too. Cineplex has a set of VIP cinema establishments across the city that offer a unique movie-watching experience where you can dine and drink while watching the latest films. Exceptional in-seat dining service and a fully-licensed lounge for your late night adventures.