So here's the thing, if you didn't already know, January is probably the cheapest season to book flight tickets.

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Now, it's pretty much March and we're way past January, but there are still plenty of cheap flights that are available for booking from Vancouver! I'm sure by now you've recovered from your Christmas spending hangover and you can finally go travelling again!

Here we've hunted down some of the cheapest flights that you can find to some of the incredible vacation destinations on the planet.

We've founded all of these affordable airfares using Skyscanner. The easiest way to find the cheapest flight is to choose the "cheapest month" option when selecting when you want to travel. If you're flexible with flying dates, this is the way to go.

Long life the wanderlust, friends!

1. Boston from $332

via @adammweiss

Mar 29 to Apr 5

Photo cred - Skyscanner

2. Miami from $334

via @themiamiguide

Mar 7 to Mar 14

Photo cred - Skyscanner

3. Varadero, Cuba from $415

via @livetungesvik

Mar 5 to Mar 12

Photo cred - Skyscanner

4. New York from $455

via @evmeyerphoto

Mar 8 to Mar 15

Photo cred - Skyscanner

4. Shanghai, China from $504

Apr 7 to Apr 17

Photo cred - Skyscanner

5. Guilin, China from $584

via @tourbyofficial

Nov 10 to Nov 18

Photo cred - Skyscanner

6. Bali, Indonesia from $488

Sep 5 to Sep 21

Photo cred - Skyscanner

7. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam from $640

via @vanessa_mennillo

Apr 2 to Apr 19

Photo cred - Skyscanner

8. Singapore from $651

Sep 14 to Sep 28

Photo cred - Skyscanner

9. Reykjavik, Iceland from $649

via @thepicturefromafar

Oct 16 to Oct 22

Photo cred - Skyscanner

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