7 Influential Vancouver Guys With Badass Jobs

When I was deciding to make the move from Toronto to Vancouver one of my biggest fears was that there would not be enough cool work here. I was told that it was a far slower city than Toronto and my way of life would definitely change. Being a bit of a speed-demon, obsessed with the hustle and bustle, the idea of this sent me spiralling and immediately re-evaluating everything I was about to do. What I came to realize though, was that this was not the case at all. The reason why so many people are able to lounge on Third Beach at 3pm on a Tuesday (which shocked me at first, let me tell ya) is not because they aren't working, it's because they have created careers doing badass, creative things that don't always fit into the 9-5 norm I was used to seeing in Toronto.

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So if you're a guy or gal looking to take notes from some people doing it right on the west coast, below are 9 guys who occupy that list.

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Martin Rivard // Co-owner of Barber & CO

If you're looking for the freshest fade, then this is the guy you've got to talk to. He's one of the owners of the badass Barber & Co barber shops and a killer barber himself. Barber & Co is kind of like a gentlemen's club meets a modern day barber shop. You'll find pool tables, cool art and extremely talented barbers.

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Cody Allmin and Clay Allmin // Owners of Twin Sails Brewing

These twin brothers are doing beer right! They brew up amazing German style beers and serve them in their cool Port Moody tasting room. The brewery is located on whats known as "brewers row" and is definitely a must-visit spot for a good cold one.


Clint Moroz // Owner of Space Lab

Clint is the guy who owns Space Lab and if you have never been to Space Lab then I'm not really sure what you've been doing. It's an extremely cool antique shop sitting right in the heart of Chinatown. Aubade Coffee is the spot within it where you can get a killer caffeinated beverage, and there's even Bootleg Barbers in the back.

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Joshua Hooge and Steve McFarlane // Owners of JS Reclaimed Wood

What started out as the guys making furniture in their back alley has turned into something so much more! Joshua and Steve make absolutely stunning custom furniture all with reclaimed wood! Their pieces have been featured in countless magazines like Vogue, and GQ which is no surprise because they are built to perfection. You can simply let them know what it is that you are looking for and they will make it for you.

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Dave Copithorne // Director/Cinematographer

Dave is a freelance director and cinematographer who does it all. Having filmed all over the world, he is an absolute phenomenon behind a camera. He lives in Vancouver now but has been found shooting in places like Australia, USA and even India. He has worked with countless clients and is constantly on the move shooting something cooler than the last!

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Ian Jansen Vanbeek // Owner and Tattooer at The Three Point Tattoo

If you want an unbelievable tattoo, then it's this guy that you need to chat with. He is an owner and tattooer at The Three Point Tattoo and is out of control talented with a tattoo gun. He has been in the game for years and creates pieces that are both intricate and stunning.

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Joe Rask // Graffiti Artist

Joe Rask is a badass west coast artist who has been doing graffiti for the past 8 years. He mainly focuses on aerosol spray, acrylic, and oil mediums but has roots in illustration. He sells his pieces independently which can be found online.

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