9 Of The Most Gorgeous Turquoise Lakes In BC You Need To Road Trip To This Summer

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9 Of The Most Gorgeous Turquoise Lakes In BC You Need To Road Trip To This Summer

British Columbia has without a doubt some of the most beautiful lakes the country has to offer, many within road trip distance from Vancouver. This summer, be sure to take a trip to visit some of these gorgeous turquoise lakes!

You might wonder how it is possible for these glacial lakes in BC to be this stunning - the bright hue of these lakes are caused by the bottoms of the lake being painted blue or turquoise dye being added to the water each summer... just kidding

It is caused by 'silt', which is brought into the water when glacial water melts into the lake - the sunlight reflects off the light silt, producing the colour. Check out these breathtaking lakes!

1. Watersprite Lake

Located in Squamish, Watersprite Lake is a crystal clear, turquoise lake that was a hidden gem for many years before becoming known to the public. It is one of the most awe-inspiring hikes around, and the hike itself offers amazing views of mountains, valleys, and creeks - all along a well marked route.

2. Lake O'Hara

Lake O'Hara, located in Yoho National Park, is one of the bucket list lakes that one must visit when they are in BC.This unparalleled gem has brilliantly blue waters, and the area has plenty of hiking trails and camping grounds. This requires a longer road-trip from Vancouver as it is a 9-hour drive - however, it is absolutely worth it for a weekend trip.

3. Pavilion Lake

Pavilion Lake is located near the town of Lilooet in Marble Canyon Provincial Park. The lake is popular for stand up paddleboarding, canoeing, or just relaxing by the crystal clear turquoise waters!

4. Lindeman Lake

Lindeman Lake is a popular hike that begins at Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park, and is a gorgeous turquoise blue lake surrounded by dense forest and mountain peaks. It is the perfect spot for day-hiking, and although the lake may look inviting, it is apparently freezing cold all year round!

5. Lake Lovely Water

One of the best kept secrets of Whistler, Lake Lovely Water can be reached from a hike beginning on the west side of the Squamish River. Here you can enjoy beautiful, sanctioned campsites, canoeing on the beautiful crystal clear waters, and very few people.

6. Landslide Lake

Located in the centre of Vancouver Island, Landslide Lake is surrounded by towering mountains. Landslide Lake caught the face of one of the island's tallest mountains when a magnitude-7.3 earthquake shook it loose in 1946, earning it its name.

7. Century Sam Lake

Situated below the Comox Glacier and surrounded by mountains, Century Sam Lake is so blue you won't believe it until you see it with your own eyes. It is one of the more popular lakes on Vancouver Island, it is around a 4-km hike to get there. 

8. Eva Lake

Access to this beautiful, serene lake is via a trail that leads you through meadows filled with wildflowers as well as forests. Around a 12km round trip hike, this is the perfect spot for camping - with only four backcountry campsites available, you will have the place to yourself to enjoy the quiet nature.

9. Berg Lake

Located in Mount Robson Provincial Park, the trail that leads to Berg Lake offers picturesque waterfalls, wildlife, some of the world's most picturesque scenery, and the glacial lake. The turquoise coloured lake is dotted with icebergs, even throughout the summer!

Make sure you plan a trip out to one of these turquoise lakes in BC this summer - you'd be crazy to miss out. The sunlight reflecting off the surface of the water makes for an even more stunning picture, so grab some friends and hit the road!

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