9 Of The Most Notorious Criminals In British Columbia History

Bad to the bone.
9 Of The Most Notorious Criminals In British Columbia History

British Columbia is a wonderful place, but it's not all sunshine and rainbows – it's also home to some of the worst criminals in Canadian history. There are some real monsters on this list so readers be warned.

Luckily, all of these criminals are in prison or dead, so don't let this article scare you too much. Now, prepare yourself for some of BC's most dreadful deeds and despicable people.

1. Gilbert Paul Jordan

Known as the “Boozing Barber,” Jordan was a retired barber in Vancouver who had a hankering for consuming excessive amounts of alcohol. From 1965 to 1988, he killed at least ten women, likely many more. He would solicit sex on the dreary streets of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, and take his victims back to a hotel where he would force them to drink deathly amounts of alcohol. He was eventually caught by the police after fingerprints were found linking him to the scene of the crime.

2. Leonard Hogue

On April 21, 1965, Vancouver police constable Hogue had a mental breakdown. He walked into his Coquitlam home's bedroom and shot his sleeping wife in the head in the dead of night. The gunshot woke his children, who he then proceeded to hunt down one by one. He killed all six of his children before turning the gun on himself. The following day, Hogue was a suspect in two robberies, presumably explaining the shocking lapse of character that led to the grisly murder-suicide.

3. Clifford Robert Olson Jr.

Coined the “Beast of British Columbia,” this monster travelled the province from 1980 to 1981 committing a litany of unthinkable crimes. Olson killed eleven children and to make matters even more sinister, he would then send letters to their parents, describing their torturous deaths. Olson confessed after being caught trying to abduct two girls in the summer or '81. For an exchange of $100,000 paid to Olson's wife, he agreed to show the police the location of the bodies.

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4. Cody Alan Legebokoff

In 2014, Legebokoff was sentenced to life in prison, after being convicted on four counts of first-degree murder. The murders took place between 2009 and 2010 in Prince George, BC when Legebokoff was only 20 years old, making him one the youngest serial killers in Canadian History.

5. David Shearing

In Wells Gray Provincial Park, north of Kamloops, BC, in August 1982, Shearing killed a family of six at a campsite. More than a month a later, a burned-out car was discovered and the remains of the six family members shot and burnt inside. He was caught in November 1983, confessing to the murders, also admitting to keeping the two daughters alive for a week before killing them as well. He received the harshest penalty in Canadian history for second degree murder – life in prison with no eligibility for parole for 25 years.

6. John Horace Oughton

One of BC's most notorious sex offenders, the “Paper Bag Rapist,” assaulted more than 100 women and children from 1977 to 1985. After abducting his victims two at time, he supposedly ordered them to choose which one would be sexually assaulted. The one chosen would be forced to wear a paper bag on their head while the other watched. Now in prison, his latest psychiatric report has assessed him to be untreatable.

7. Bobby Jack Fowler

Fowler is an American born alleged serial killer who went on a murdering spree throughout BC's interior from the early 1970s to 1996. He is suspected of killing up to twenty women on the “Highway of Tears,” between Prince George and Prince Rupert. Most of the cases involve First Nations women. He died in Oregon Prison in 2006, having only been definitively charged with the murder of one 16 year-old girl.

8. Mark Vijay Chahal

On April 4, 1996, Chahal left his burnaby apartment on an atrocious mission. In a car filled with guns, he made his way to Vernon, BC where his estranged wife's sister was getting married. With a history of domestic abuse and distraught over the consequent divorce proceedings, he crashed the celebration, going on a rampage, gunning down his soon-to-be ex-wife and eight of her family members, including the bride-to-be. He then fled the scene back to his nearby booked motel, where he decided to kill himself.

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9. Robert 'Willie' Pickton

One of Canada's most horrendous serial killers was a Port Coquitlam pig farmer. Between 1983 and 2002, Pickton admitted to killing and butchering 49 women. Most of his victims were sex trade workers and drug addicts of whom he had invited back to his farm, often with more than one guest at a time. After murdering his guests, he would feed their diced up bodies to his pigs. He was caught after police raided his farm looking for firearms and instead found human remains.

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