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I don't care what you have going on this spring or summer, but you absolutely have to put Yoho National Park on your travel itinerary this year.

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The name of the park actually comes from the Cree word meaning awe and wonder, and if you scroll a little further down, you'll see just how awesome and wonderful Yoho Park really is. From the pristine, turquoise Emerald Lake to the lofty Canadian Rockies as your backdrop, no wonder why this park is on everyone's bucket list.

Okay, so now that you have it on your itinerary, what is there to do? SO MUCH! That's what! You can go camping, paddle boarding, river rafting, canoeing, hiking and more! It's time to take a break for you work desk, get out there, and take advantage of the beautiful British Columbia.

Here are 9 super fun outdoor activities you have to do in Yoho National Park:

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1. Canoe around Emerald Lake

What better way to experience the tranquility and peacefulness of Emerald Lake than being fully surrounded by its pristine beauty in a canoe? You can rent a canoe right at the main bridge for $60/hr. Split it between 3 friends and it's only $20!

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2. Take a scenic drive up to Takakkaw Falls

The drive up to the waterfall is a long and windy 14km up along Yoho Valley Road, but it's so worth the trip. Once you get there, park your car and Takakkaw Falls is just a short 10 minute walk across the bridge. Tada! And you're there!

Pro-tip: You might want to bring a light poncho or a rain jacket as the waterfall creates a lot of mist and splashing. Or don't. ?

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3. Take a hike up to Wapta Falls

The hike to Wapta Falls is only about 40 mins one way and super easy. The path is quite flat and so you you won't be out of breath, until you see the Wapta Falls that'll take you breath away.

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4. Take a relaxing stroll along the Emerald Lake

Hikes don't have to be painstakingly hard. You can enjoy the beautiful Emerald Lake by just taking a relaxing stroll around the lake. Grab your bae or BFF and take a nice long walk with nice long conversations.

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5. Go for a scenic paddle board tour around the park

So maybe canoeing isn't your thing, why not try paddle boarding? Paddle through the Beaver River all the way to Wapta Falls and experience the serenity of nature and the intrigue of its wildlife as you glide by silently.

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6. Hike up to the Yukness Ledges for a stunning view of Lake O'Hara

Trek all the way up to the Yukness Ledges on the Lake O'Hara Alpine Circuit for an absolutely breathtaking view of the turquoise bejewelled lake. This hike should be on everyone's bucket list.

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7. Set up camp at Kicking Horse

So maybe for the hardcore camper, Kicking Horse is already too "easy" because they've got a fire pit, flushable toilets, showers and a sani dump. But for the not-so-seasoned I'm-only-ever-going-to-do-this-once-in-my-life camper, Kicking Horse is going to be your most comfortable glamping camping experience.

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8. Go for a bike ride on Yoho Valley Road

Nothing beats riding a bike with your gang. Cycle through the beautiful winding Yoho Valley Road surrounded by lush green forests, sky scraping mountains, and maybe even a couple of wildlife creatures along the way.

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9. Bump up the adrenaline and go white water rafting

Just about a 20 min drive away from Yoho National Park is Kicking Horse River with thrilling rapids. Rafting these waters will definitely jump start that adrenaline rush!

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