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9 Places In Vancouver To Get The Perfect Poutine

Poutine: The ultimate late night snack. If french fries were girls, poutine would be their little black dress. It's the ultimate look for our deep fried, skinny potato. Canada, home of this delicious concoction, can be a nightmare to navigate when it comes to finding the best of the best. Every shady fast food spot has started to serve their rendition of poutine.

If you're tired of slurping down slimy fries and chewy cheese curds, head to any of these 9 spots for the perfect poutine in Vancouver:

Photo cred-@bshigeta

Mean Poutine // 718 Nelson St.

This family run joint strives to be the best poutine and late night eat in the city. Classic Quebecois cuisine finds a modern West Coast twist that makes this poutine both tradition and original!

Photo cred-@dchu3232

Dunn's Famous // 827 Seymour St.

Dunn's Famous is just that... famous! Their authentic smoked meat made a bang in Montreal so they brought the delicious flavours to the city. They excel in all classic Montreal cuisine but try their Smoked Meat Poutine for something heartier than classic.

Photo cred- @deadlifts_and_pizza

Fritz European Fry House // 718 Davie St.

The special attention to every french fry is weirdly noticeable. Hand cut fries and authentic gravy and cheese curds makes a perfect poutine.

Photo cred-@chipi_and_chipeline

La Bella Patate // 1215 Davie St.

This delicious joint delivers authentic poutine all around BC! They have all sorts of meat-tastic innovations and cuisine twisters.

Photo cred-@vanxwpg

Belgian Fries // 1885 Commercial Dr.

These twice-fried-fries are simply delicious. All of the unique poutines are just as delicious as the classic. Try the Butter Chicken Poutine for something truly out of the box.

Photo cred-@yataneres

The Oakwood Canadian Bistro // 2741 West Fourth Ave.

Try amping up your casual poutine to this mouthwateringly gourmet take on fries.

Photo cred- @tasteofvancity

Wallflower Diner // 2420 Main St.

Ever heard of Vegan poutine? This place does a miraculously amazing job of making it delicious! Enjoy a regular poutine or poutine that's suitable to all of your dietary restrictions.

La Brasserie // 1091 Davie St.

Offering French-German comfort food, this place makes a spectacular poutine out of the finest ingredients.

Photo cred-@smokes_poutinerie

Smoke's Poutinerie // 942 Granville St.

The goal of Smoke's Poutinerie is to bring expert poutine to the rest of the world. With two locations in the city, delicious poutine is easily available to any Vancouverite.

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