8 Places You Can Get $1 Oysters Every Day Of The Week In Vancouver

"Did you know oysters are an aphrodisiac?" *tongue flip*
8 Places You Can Get $1 Oysters Every Day Of The Week In Vancouver

The best part about living on the West Coast is the incredible seafood. From the fattiest sashimi to the juiciest mussels, Vancouver is the golden jackpot for seafood... especially if you're talking about oysters.

Whether you like them plain or sauced up with Tabasco, topped with a little horseradish or drizzled in squeeze of lemon juice, there's one thing that all oyster lovers can agree upon: that they are simply delicious.

The only thing is, "oyster dinner" can sometimes be synonymous with "if I eat here I'm going to be broke until my next pay cheque". But thank the lawd for Happy Hour! There are slews of top-notch seafood restaurants that would normally cost you top dollar to dine at, but with their buck-a-shuck Happy Hour menus, you can be just as boujee without having to go broke.

The only thing better than oysters are buck-a-shuck oysters, and we've got em'. Check out these 9 spots in Vancouver where you can oysters for shuckin' cheap.

BaoDown Gastropub & Raw Bar

Where: 115 W 2nd Ave // False Creek

Deal: $1/oyster during daily Happy Hour (3PM-6PM)

Why you should go: If you need your Lumpia and Chicken Adobo cravings satisfied, but you also really need to get your raw oyster fill, look no further because BaoDown has got you. Their False Creek gastropub location offers amazing Filipino fusion dishes with a Happy Hour menu that will hit the spot. Parm fries, raw oysters, baos and other drool-worthy snacks.



Where: Various Locations

Deal: Robson // $1.25/oyster during daily Happy Hour (3PM-6PM and Sunday to Thursday 9PM-Close)

Broadway // 99¢/oyster during daily Happy Hour (8:30PM-Close and Monday to Thursday 5PM-6PM)

Why you should go: 99¢ oysters and 89¢ wings, $4.50 wine and $5 tapas... you've never had a better Happy Hour than the Happy Hour at Ebisu. Genuinely one of my favourite spots for a late night snack when you need a little pick me up from a long work day. Their fried chicken and sangrai are also both bomb.


Oyster Express

Where: 296 Keefer St // Chinatown

Deal: $1.50/oyster during Happy Hour (Tuesday 4:30PM-9:30PM, Wednesday to Sunday 4:30PM to 6:30PM)

Why you should go: If you ain't got that kind of time to catch an early Happy Hour oyster session, you should definitely make your way on over to Oyster Express on Tuesdays where their Happy Hour lasts until 9:30PM!


Kamei Baru

Where: 990 Smithe St // Downtown

Deal: 99¢/oyster during daily Happy Hour (2PM-5:30PM and 9PM-Close)

Why you should go: Aside from the amazing 99¢ oysters, the rest of the menu at Kamei Baru is A1. From the same restaurant group as Ebisu, Kamei Baru serves delicious Japanese izakayas as well as fusion snacks like their fried brussel sprouts and truffle fries, which by the way, you will not get enough of.


Joe Fortes 

Where: 777 Thurlow St // Downtown

Deal: $1/oyster during daily Happy Hour (4PM-6PM at bar only)

Why you should go: The city's seafood classic - nobody comes to Vancouver and leaves without having tried one of our most famous seafood restaurants. Joe Fortes may be a little pricey during regular dinner and lunch service, but their Happy Hour is totally affordable. Fresh oysters, shrimp and lobster rolls, and truffle fries, mmmmm... I've died and gone to seafood heaven.


Chewies' Steam & Oyster Bar

Where: 1055 W Hastings St // Coal Harbour and 2201 W 1st Ave // Kitsilano

Deal: Kitsilano // $1.50/oyster during Happy Hour (Monday to Friday 5PM-7PM, Saturday to Sunday 4PM-7PM)

Coal Harbour // $1.50 oyster during daily Happy Hour (3PM-6PM)

Why you should go: Have their amazing Southern Fried Chicken & Waffles for brunch, and then stay until their buck-a-shuck Happy Hour. I couldn't think of a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon.


Rodney's Oyster House

Where: 1228 Hamilton St // Yaletown and 52 Powell St // Gastown

Deal: $1.50/oyster during Happy Hour (Monday to Saturday 3PM-6PM)

Why you should go: Whether you're in Gastown or Yaletown, you can get a taste of Rodney's fresh and delicious oysters. Unlike some other restaurants and oyster bars, Rodney's doesn't have a limit to how many raw oysters you can order! So you can indulge without borders.


Boulevard Kitchen

Where: 845 Burrard St // Downtown

Deal: $2/oyster during daily Happy Hour (3PM-6PM)

Why you should go: If you're anything like me, you love being boujee without actually having to spend those boujee dollars. Boulevard Kitchen + Oyster Bar is one of the fanciest spots to grab brunch, lunch or dinner... also one of the most expensive. But treat yourself and go during their Happy Hour to grab some cheap drinks and snacks and feel fancy AF.


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