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9 Secret BC Hot Springs You Must Warm Up In This Fall

Things are about to get steamy!
9 Secret BC Hot Springs You Must Warm Up In This Fall

Summer has come to an end, the temps have begun to drop and cuddle season is officially upon us. The good news though? We live in British freaking Columbia where the winter is barley winter so the adventuring potential never ends.

That being said, there is only so many times you can hike the Chief before you need a little variation, and if you're anything like me you like an adventure that is a little more... relaxing. A completely beautiful, natural, outdoor hot tub perhaps?

Cut to... this list of the steamiest most stunning secret BC hot springs that you absolutely need to warm up in this fall. You're Welcome.

1. Hot Springs Cove

Visiting these hot springs will be a day trip you will never forget. Located in Tofino, the hot spring requires a boat trip to get to, but don't worry, there are tons over there that will take you.

2. Fairmont Hot Springs

These hot springs are situated in the village of Fairmont Hot Springs. They are actually the largest natural hot springs in all of Canada and are an absolute dream!

3. Nakusp Hot Springs 

Nakusp Hot Springs are one of BC's best kept secrets! They are situated in the Kuskanax Valley. You can camp there, or choose to stay in one of their rustic-chic chalets!

4. Keyhole Hot Springs

Keyhole hot springs or Pebble Creek hot springs, are a scenic 100 kilometres from Whistler. The bumpy trek is mostly down logging roads, but once you get there, you are in absolute heaven. There are four pools with ranging temperatures and you can jump back and forth between the river and springs to keep cool!

Note: Access is currently closed to Keyhole Hot Springs due to bear sightings. Be sure to look into closure before making the trek!

5. Liard River Hot Springs

These two pools are wonderfully warm, ranging between 42 and 52 degrees. The hot springs are located inside the Liard River Hot Springs Provincial Park between Fort Nelson and Watson Lake.

6. Meager Creek Hot Springs

Dogs are welcome and swimsuits are optional! The hot springs are located 95 KM northwest of Pemberton and are accessible by hike.

7. Radium Hot Springs

These beautiful pools are surrounded by natural rock walls and are located in the village of Radium Hot Springs. It's a bit of a drive from Vancouver, but there many forms of accommodation making it a perfect weekend getaway.

8. Skookumchuck Hot Springs

These springs are located 95.5 KM from Whistler Village near the First Nations Community of Skookumchuck, or Skatin. Camping in the area is available for free (more appealing for the summer months) and the community is fully maintained making it a wonderful weekend destination.

9. Tallheo Hot Springs

These hot springs are located on the western shore of South Bentinck Arm. They are absolutely stunning and bathing suits are optional, making them steamy in more ways than one!

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