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9 Secret Deals You Can Get In BC If You’re A Student

Make your life that much easier.
Deputy Editor, Studio
9 Secret Deals You Can Get In BC If You’re A Student

No lie, living the student life is a little bit difficult. It's understandable: you've got to balance work, studying, and going to class, all while trying to see your friends, go shopping, eat, and just generally live your best life.

That's exactly why whenever something comes along to make things that much easier, it's basically akin to a miracle. And if that thing can help you save money... well, it's not equal to a miracle, it straight-up is a miracle.

Which is exactly where the SPC Card comes in. Flashing this little piece of plastic at any participating retailer will score you a discount of at least 10% or more... which, in the long run, seriously adds up.

And if you're thinking the card just scores you discounts strictly on the essentials - well, thing again. The SPC Card can save you money on popular brands of clothes, makeup, food (!), skincare items, merchandise, cafes, and a whole lot more!

1. 50% off of Amazon Prime

Because Amazon Prime is LIFE. Although it can be a little bit on the pricey side for non-students, Amazon Prime is probably one of the most worth it purchases you can get your hands (or... digital hands? I don't know) on. 

And if you're a student, then good news. With your SPC Card, you can get 50% off your Amazon Prime membership, plus free shipping for 6 months! Products, prepare to be purchased. 

2. 15% off at Nike Vancouver

Let's be real here, guys: Nike is probably the king of all sportswear companies ATM. And if you love Nike, but hate Nike prices (don't we all?), then the SPC Card is here to save your life.

You can save 15% of all regularly priced Nike merchandise in-store with your SPC Card. And if Nike isn't your cup of tea? No worries!

There are tons of other athletic brands that offer discounts through your SPC Card, too - like Adidas, which offers up to 30% off online, and Puma outlets, which offer 10% off!

via @alice.murraaay

3. 10% off at Forever 21

The only thing more satisfying than buying that off the shoulder top you've been eyeing at Forever 21? Buying that off the shoulder top you've been eyeing at Forever 21, at a 10% discount.

With your SPC Card, you can get 10% off your whole purchase at Forever 21 - and many other fashion retailers, like Frank and Oak, Calvin Klein, American Eagle Outfitters, GAP Factory, and Amnesia - so your wardrobe can be fresh AF literallu all the time.

via @glamlustre

4. 10% off at MAC

Is makeup your whole entire life? Then you'd probably better sit down for this bit of awesome news: with your SPC Card, you can get huge discounts on popular, quality makeup brands.

For example, MAC offers 10% off online purchases, as long as you enter your SPC Card information. Other brands, like Bath And Body Works, Urban Decay, Keihl's, and Annabelle Cosmetics, offer up online and in-store discounts, as well; so if you've got your card, your card's got you covered!

via @annael_s

5. 10% off at Aldo Shoes

Shoe fiends, this one's for you. If you're a student, there's nothing more important than shoes. Getting to and from class in uncomfortable (or unfashionable) kicks is pretty much a struggle... but the SPC Card is here to un-struggle your life.

With your card, you can get 10% off any purchase at Aldo, Aldo Outlet, and Aldo Accessories, meaning that your shoes can stay as fresh as your wallet. For an extra dose of shoe-envy, you can also enjoy discounts at Little Burgundy and Call It Spring, as well as other shoe stores, too. 

6. 10% off at Nando's

Portuguese chicken is actually so good that it might bring a literal tear to your eye. If that doesn't get you joy-crying, then your SPC Card's 10% off deal at any Nando's BC location might just do the trick.

And if it doesn't? Don't worry about it. With the SPC Card, you can eat at a whole lot of restaurants and still enjoy an awesome discount - which is pretty awesome considering quick, inexpensive, and delicious food is the lifeblood of any student's diet. Enjoy a meal at Harvey's, Burger King, David's Tea, Boston Pizza, KFC, and a whole lot of other restaurants, at a reduced price, all thanks to your card.

7. Bank for free at BMO

This is probably the ultimate student life hack, not even joking.

If you set up a chequings and savings account with BMO, and you're a student, you won't have to pay a cent in banking fees the whole time you're learning, and for up to a year after graduation. And you'll get a free SPC Card, to boot, meaning you're saving big bucks in banking fees... plus all the regular SPC savings you'll get with your card.

I know, guys. I know.

via @meganxxturner

8. 15 - 20% off at Choice Hotels Canada

If you love travelling, or you're planning on staying at a hotel any time soon, then the SPC Card's got your back on that, too. 

By reserving a room online or through the phone at any hotel from the Choice Hotels Canada chain, you'll be getting much more than just a super quality stay if you present your card - you can get up to 20% off your rate!

Oh, and if you're booking a vacation any time soon? Then prepare for some awesome discounts, as well! If you're an SPC member and you book through Flight Centre, you can get money off your flight or hotel package... and up to $150 off a Contiki or G Adventure trip!

9. 10% off at the bookstore

Depending on which university you go to, your SPC Card might just work there, too! 

British Columbia's Simon Fraser University, Capilano University, Thompson Rivers University and Kwantlen Polytechnic University all offer discounts on certain merchandise as long as you present your card. Which means you can rep your school in style, without having to rip apart your wallet... Sounds like a pretty big win/win situation, tbh!

The SPC Card actually opens up a whole world of saving money, which, let's be real, is super key. The semester is stressful enough, and the fact that the SPC Card has your back on most of your everyday purchases is a literal life (and wallet!) saver.

For more information on how to get the SPC Card, check out their website, Facebook, and Instagram pages!

    Miranda Cipolla
    Deputy Editor, Studio
    Miranda Cipolla is a Deputy Editor for the Studio department focused on sponsored content and is based in Montreal, Canada.