Yeah, she stole your favourite white jeans that one time and then rubbed her Cheeto fingers on them and wasn't sorry about it. She definitely used up the last of your favourite lip gloss, too, even though you'd already told her it was limited edition. The list is never ending, really, but somehow we always forgive them.

Even after years of torture, you know that deep down you love hanging out with them. It's probably mutual, too, so get in touch with your sister and plan a day out at one of these nine awesome locations.

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1. Splurge on a night at the Shangri-la

When you were younger, every night was a sleepover since you were usually only a couple rooms over. Now that you're older, why not book a night at the Shangri-la and catch up? Plus, they have a sick roof top pool.

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2. Go out for high tea

Vancouver is filled with countless places that offer high tea, so you should have no problem planning this day out. Besides, who doesn't love tea and tiny pastries?

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3. Get matching tattoos

Getting in trouble from your parents was always easier when your sibling was in on it too, so the same goes for getting tattoos. If you're going to make mom mad, at least you're in it together.

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4. Go to Canvas and Cabernet to paint and have some drinks

Painting. Wine. Do you really need anything else?

5. Get your nails done beautifully at Classy Claws Nail Studio

One of the most unique nail studios in Vancouver, why not stop by and get something totally out of your comfort zone? Plus, getting your nails done is always a great way to talk and catch up.

6. Stroll around Granville Island

With so many things to see and do there, who doesn't love Granville Island? There's food, shopping, and a beautiful view of the water. Take your sister out for lunch, or even to the brewery.

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7. Go out for pizza and board games at Pizzeria Ludica

Pizza and board games is no doubt the ultimate combination. Plus, they have Cards Against Humanity, so you're bound to find out a couple things about your sister that you never knew.

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8. Go to a poetry slam at Cafe Deux Soleils

Poetry slams are cool, coffee is cool, and food is cool, so taking your sister to Cafe Deux Soleils is sure to be a success.

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9. Take a ride around Stanley Park in a horse drawn carriage

The fanciest mode of transportation out there, why not go a step beyond biking the sea wall, and see it from a horse carriage instead? A bit pricey, but worth it to show your sister how much you appreciate her.

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