Sometimes when you're going through the 'gram, all those beautiful other-wordly places seem like miles and miles and at least 10 paycheques away.

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But little do you know, there are plenty of breathtaking places right in your beautiful British Columbia that you might not have even known about.

From surf beaches to ice caves, waterfalls taller than Niagra and waters clearer than the Bahamas (okay maybe not that clear but pretty damn close), BC is your playground and so much more than what meets the eye.

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Here are 9 surreal places in BC that will make you feel like you've said goodbye to Canada and hello to another country.

1. Helmcken Falls // Wells Gray Provincial Park, Thompson-Nicola

Think the Niagra Falls are amazing? Just wait 'til you get catch a sight of this waterfall. Located at Murtle River in Wells Grey Provincial Park is the astounding 141 metre Helmcken Falls that's almost three times as high as the Niagra Falls (only 51 metres).

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2. Strathcona Provincial Park // Vancouver Island

Hidden in the depths of Vancouver Island is this stunning 2,500 km² provincial park. Stratchcona Provincial Park is the beautiful British Columbia's oldest provincial park and also is the home to the tallest waterfall in Canada, Della Falls, measured at 440 metres tall. Go and chase some waterfalls!

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3. Hot Springs Cove // Tofino

Seriously, who needs to go to Okinawa for amazing hot springs? We have hot springs that are just as amazing in our own backyard. The hot spring pools at Hot Springs Cove are the ultimate natural spa. Make sure you visit before their high season, typically between May and August, as it is a very popular spot and it can get pretty crowded.

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4. Pemberton Ice Caves // Whistler

Are we even in BC anymore? We might as well be in an Icelandic dream. Hidden deep in the back country of Whistler are the Pemberton Ice Caves. The only way to get there is through Heli-Ice Cave Tours that depart from Whistler.

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5. Freedom Cove // Meares Island

Vancouver Island couple, Wayne and Catherine King spent 24 years building their own sanctuary island and it's an absolute paradise. The island completely self-sustained; growing from their own half acre garden, catching fish from the ocean, catching rain for drinking water, and using solar panels for energy. You can visit Freedom Cove with Browing Pass Charters Tofino.

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6. Chesterman Beach // Tofino

Whoa whoa whoa, slow down there. Is this really BC? Surfing in BC? Why, yes. Yes, it is. Chesterman Beach is basically the Pipeline Beach of BC. Located in the beautiful surftown of Tofino, you absolutely cannot leave without catching a few waves. Don't know how to surf? They can teach you!

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7. Glacier National Park // Revelstoke

Just one of the seven magnificent Canadian national parks is the incredible Glacier Natioanl Park. If it's not the perfect spot for the sport snowbunny in the winter time, it's the ideal place for summertime hikes, mountaineering, and even 3-par golfing. You can even discover the abandoned railways of the CPR.

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8. Botanical Beach // Juan de Fuca Provincial Park

Just about an hour walk from Port Renfrew is the beautiful Botancial Beach, located in a secluded area of Juan de Fuca Provincial Park. Even if you're not a geology buff (which most of us aren't), I guarantee that you will be 100% blown away by the incredible rock formations, tide pools, and plants and animals.

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9. Mystic Beach // Vancouver Island

If you're willing to drive another 45 minutes south of Botancial Beach, you'll arrive at a magical beach, Mystic Beach. From the flowing waterfalls to the sandy beach, this place makes you feel as if you were in a dream. There's even a rope swing here!

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