There's nothing better than getting together with friends for a summer BBQ! Most of us probably don't have too large a backyard here in Vancouver so rather than miss out on all the great grilling opportunities this summer, make plans to meet at many of the wonderful picnic spots around the city.

Some of these locations already have grills set up which makes the cookout that much easier! Others will require you to bring a portable grill or use a bonfire. Either way, you are guaranteed to have an amazing time as you laugh, eat, and drink under the radiant Vancouver sun, or wait until evening for a little party beneath the stars.

Here are some of the better places to roast some weenies this summer:

1. Trout lake

Barbecues are permitted all around the lake. There are also many designated picnic areas with tables, shelter, and barbecue pits. You may need to reserve your designated area to ensure it is not already taken as this is a very popular spot to throw a cookout.

2. Crescent Beach

This is one of the nicest places to hang out in Surrey. Barbecues are allowed and there is a large grassy area perfect for the occasion.

3. New Brighton Park

Lots of picnic tables are located under the trees in the park. It is also close to the public pool, which makes for a refreshing dip during a hot summer BBQ.

4. Wreck Beach

Always a personal favourite. During the day, this nude beach is always a happening scene. On the weekends, there will be grills set up at the back of the beach so you can purchase some cheap food and once the sun goes down bonfires make great cooking pits while partying with friends.

Photo cred - @do_ray_mi

5. Maple Grove Park

The park has two BBQ grills and there are also four picnic tables. There is a playground, pool, and washrooms nearby to spice up the cookout festivities.

6. Jericho Beach

One of prettiest beaches in Vancouver. It makes a perfect place for a grassy picnic or beach BBQ with several tables available if you want to keep the sand out of your food.

7. Cates Park

This is a local go-to spot in North Vancouver. There is plenty of grass to set up a picnic blanket and have a BBQ. There are also concessions for those of us too lazy to cook ourselves.

8. Kitsilano Beach

Probably the most popular beach in Vancouver. The area is always bustling with activity, including groups barbecuing. When you're not stuffing your face with burgers and dogs, you can swim in the ocean or pool, play volleyball, and tan – what else can you ask for?

9. Joe's BBQ Boat

Have you ever heard of a floating BBQ? Throw a boat party picnic out on false creek. The float comes equipped with a grill, canopy, and seating. Rent it today for a dining experience unlike anything else!

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