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9 Talented Street Artists That Are Featured At Vancouver's Mural Festival

Yes, art is definitely something that is not everyone's cup of tea. But, Vancouver is home to many talented and super unique artists and it's definitely worth checking out some of their work (even if you're more of a chuck bass than a dan humphrey). 

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The Vancouver Mural Festival runs from June 24th to August 12 and you can check out their website for the map of where to find all of the dope street art! 

So take a look at some of the cool and super talented artists that you can expect to see at the festival.

via @aaronwhiteart

Aaron White // @AaronWhiteArt

Starting in the field of cartooning and then moving to the video game industry, White has always had a passion for art, specifically animation. Doing work for Disney and Fox, to name a few, he is now settled in Vancouver and creating art that also reflects his passion for the animation industry as well as his own personal experiences.

via @amandasmartart

Amanda Smart // @amandasmartart

Born and raised in BC, Smart attended Emily Carr University and has created art that is more realistic with hints of fantasy. She is a lover of nature and wishes to display that in here art, while at the same time also looking at the way we live and our own experiences as human beings.

via @fbairprogram

Andrew Dexel // @lattimergallery

Dexel is known for his original paintings that are inspired from his cultural background as a Salish individual. He enjoys painting more abstract designs that reflect his culture as well as graffiti art and unconventional things in society.

via @davidshillinglaw

David Shillinglaw // @davidshillinglaw

Known for art that makes you think and leaves you with many unanswered questions, his art is perfect for today's millennials. Incorporating a sense of humour into his art as well as interpretations of everyday realities, his art is bound to be relatable to anyone.

via @megamcgrathh

Meghann McGrath // @megamcgrathh

Definitely a more modern artist, founder of Street Script, a business and art movement that gives beauty to to hip-hop's dirty lyrics through illustration and design. You can sometimes find her at Fortune or her pop-up shows in Chinatown!

via @oxana_gaida

Oxana Gaida // @oxana_gaida

Using a lot of chalk and oil paintings is something that Gaida is known for. Her style reflects a large range of different visions such as real human existence as well as nature and raw beauty.

via @take5lovesyou

Take 5 // @take5lovesyou

Take 5 began doing graffiti in 1992, when skateboarding and graffiti went hand in hand and there was plenty of street space that could be used for art. They are the masters of wild graffiti, which has more of an old school vibe where letters are splattered on the wall but almost illegible.

Dedos // @nomadicalternatives

Two time Juno Award winner trained as an animator, Dedos mostly works in the animation and gaming industry, but he finds time to create illustrations and print work. He produces pieces that reflect his cultural roots as well as raise awareness to important social issues.

via @bocaseda

Lani Imre // @bocaseda

Lani's work depicts virtualized female characters who often defy the gender and sexual norms that exist in society. She touches on themes of female identity and sexual fantasy through her work. Residing in Squamish BC, much of her work is local and incredibly unique to other art you view.

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