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9 Things All Vancouverites Have In Their Closets

Canucks jerseys don't count as high fashion

It's pretty much common knowledge these days that Vancouver has been voted one of the worst dressed cities in the world. Which is totally not true by the way. We just like being comfy.

For anyone who has lived here for more than a year, these nine articles of clothing are all too familiar.  They were most likely a wardrobe staple to you at some point, whether you still rock them regularly or not.

One thing is for sure though, reppin' your Vancouver pride never goes out of style.

Photo cred- @scuuura_29

1.A Vancouver Grizzlies jersey

No one is over it, even after all of this time. It's the fashion equivalent of carrying your ex's picture in your wallet.

Photo cred- @hotatekudasai

2. At least a couple articles of 2010 Olympics merch

To this day, those knit, red mittens are still the best thing to ever happen to me. Plus, those super warm Canada hoodies were life changing.

Photo cred- @lululemon

3. Everything Lululemon

Obviously. Living in Vancouver and not owning anything Lululemon probably violates some unwritten fashion law.

Photo cred- @abbeyashley

4. One of those Vancity crewnecks

These got popular so fast that it was almost weird to see someone not wearing one. Probably the ultimate symbol of Vancouver pride.

Photo cred- @carolinechan_

5. Something Canucks

It doesn't even matter if you like the Canucks, or even care about hockey at all. You will somehow end up with a bunch of Canucks merchandise anyways, simply by existing in Vancouver.

Photo cred- @samanthachan

6. NukNuuk slippers

One of the under appreciated staples of Vancouver fashion, these things are hella cheap at Costco. They're perfect for literally 99% of occasions, except for when it's raining. The second they make waterproof ones though, they'll be unstoppable.

Photo cred- @eastvaninctattoo

7. An East Van cross shirt

Even if you don't own anything with the East Van cross on it, you have to admit that you've considered getting something at least once.

Photo cred- @bagapart

8. Tote bags on tote bags on tote bags

These things honestly breed like rabbits. You put away all of your tote bags in the winter and then come back in the summer to get the perfect tote for getting groceries at Granville Island Market. Suddenly, there are fifteen more than you remember having. Every time, man.

Photo cred- @karii_kon

9. A Nickelback shirt

Because why not? Everyone knows someone who knows Chad Kroeger. Also, Photograph is such a jam and anyone who disagrees is a liar.

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