9 Things You Need To Know Before Starting A Cleanse

Feel good in your body.
9 Things You Need To Know Before Starting A Cleanse

Summer is the relaxing time of year. We spend our time on the beach, hang out with our friends and enjoy the exceptional summer days in Vancouver. For girls, going to the beach also means getting that beach body into the best shape so you can show off your new bikini.

Although I hate this body shape competition, we all grow up in a society that teaches us all what REALLY matters is how you look. Some girls are keen to starve themselves to get the most incredible body-shape for summer. Although I don't believe in weigh-lost dieting, I do think cleansing diets can help you feel better in your body. And in the end, that's whats most important.

At this time of the year, tabloids are all about detox diets. It's up to you to decide which one will work the best for you. Tips magazines tend to forget are the preparation that will make your detox successful. No, I'm not going to write you a pre-detox however I thought I'd share some tips to help you get the most of out your cleansing diet:

1. Cleansing diets won't help you lose weight

Yes, we have all heard of these amazing recipes that will make you loose weight in 10 days. Of course, drinking mostly liquid will make you loose weight as you're starving yourself. Yet, once you start eating again, you'll gain all your weight back. Detox diets aim at cleaning all the artificial substances and non-healthy fat you've accumulated throughout the years. Instead of focusing on your body shape, do it for how you feel in your body.

2. Buy all the ingredients you need for your detox

Cleansing diets are usually low in food intake therefore you will miss the feeling of biting, chewing, the variety of flavours and textures of food. After all, those make our eating experience exceptional. Try to avoid places like supermarkets and restaurants with a lot of delicious and colourful foods that will tempt you to break your diet.

3. Don't plan activities demanding high-level of energy

Because you won't be eating as much food as usual, your energy level will definitely be lower then usual. All you'll want is to spend your days in bed watching movies. Basically, choose a time of the month when none of your friends are throwing a party or going camping.

4.Don't start a cleansing diet when you're sick

This is apparently a new thing: detox could help you get better. I strongly discourage you to do that. The fact that you're sick suggests your immune system is already weak and you need good nutrients and vitamins to repair your health. A cleaning diet won't bring you all those things and will actually weaken your metabolism even more.

5. A few days before you start, eat as clean as possible

This is aimed at "preparing your body" before the detox. Cut off refined sugar or junk food that will add on to all the bad substances you've been accumulating. Plus, it will help your body to smoothly transition from your daily diet to your detox diet.

6. Say goodbye to alcohol and caffeine

Exciting substances like alcohol or caffeine are not recommended before and during a cleansing diet. If you need your daily cup(s) of coffee, try to reduce your intake a few days before you start.

7. Find a detox partner

It's hard for your body and your mind to go through days without eating. You will need strong willpower and support from your friends. That's why having your BFF doing a detox diet with you will help you both to stay focused. It will be you two against the world!

8. Keep your mind busy

To avoid thinking of how much you miss flavourful food, plan a movie marathon with your BFF to keep your mind busy. Opt for stories that aren't food related such as sci-fi or fantasy. Last time I did a detox diet, I re-read the seven Harry Potter books and watched the five Resident Evil movies in five days.

9. Don't eat a lot for dinner the day before

No need to overload your stomach before your cleansing diet. It will be easier the day after to start off with a smooth digestion and good metabolism.

Good luck!

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