You might have known your best friend since forever. Or maybe it just feels like you’ve known them forever! Either way, we are so grateful to have them by our side. I mean, you've created some incredible memories with this person, going from adventure to adventure, trying out new things! And who are we kidding, exploring new surroundings and trying out something different can be overwhelming, but luckily, your best friend has always been there right by your side so you're not conquering life all on your own. Let's face it, life is just better when you and your BFF are together, opening the doorway to adventure, surprises, struggles... and a few super dorky moments for Instagram. 

What better time to cement the vows of bff-dom than International Friendship Day this year? We think it’s time to break the routine and try something new with your best mate. Seize the day, shatter the humdrum and do something you’ve never done before.  Need a little inspo? I got your back!

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1. Game on with laser tag

Who was the winner in Mario Kart? Whose Snapchat sticker skills are more on point? Who knew that was the actor from that other movie first? All friendships come with a little playful competition, but why not level it up? Grab your runners, place your bets and see who seriously dominates in a game you've not played in an age. When was the last time you played laser tag? Or mini golf? Or conquered an escape room? And whether you're on the same team, or opposing teams, the thrills of kicking some major butt is pretty amazing. But you're still friends at the end of the day, right? Right?!

2. Glam up with a retro photo shoot

Okay, it might feel a little bit like you’re a little kid again playing dress up - but that’s half the fun! Head to the thrift shop, score an amazing retro outfit and spend the day doing a retro-themed photo shoot. Style your apartment with retro accessories or head to the park to spend the afternoon being a part-time-model. Who else other than your bestie would tell you if that angle is actually flattering? And in the end - you get some amazing new shots for your profile pic.

3. Go on a brunch picnic adventure

With this gorgeous weather, there's no excuse not to get your camp on. Load up the car and head to the nearest park, forest or waterfall and unwind. We've all had brunch before but how often do you hear of a brunch picnic?! Time to bust out those cooking skills and turn your camping trip to glamping with fresh pancakes every morning! Pack a flask of hot coffee and make it divine by adding some rich and creamy Coffee-mate. Even if you're not much of a coffee drinker yet, this stuff is so delicious, it's sure to have you hooked. Grab one of their delicious flavours like French Vanilla, Caramel Macchiato or Hazelnut to make it perfect. We're all about trying something new, right?

4. Prepare a feast for the ages

When was the last time you hosted a dinner party? Or hosted a themed brunch at your place? Or made delicious scones from scratch? Or kombucha? You always need an extra set of hands when you’re cooking because someone needs to stir while someone else is baking (oh, the chaos!) so it's perfect for besties to do together. Whether you're preparing a dinner for ten, baking cookies inspired by your fave tv show, or whipping up a delicious brunch for all your besties, at the end of the day, unwind with your feet up with a combo of coffee and Coffee-mate. You earned it!

5. Give back to the world

As much as we like to think the foundation of our friendship centers around Netflix and Smarties®, the reality is that being besties is really all about helping each other through thick and thin. So why not give some of that big ol' love back to the world, and grab some warm and fuzzies at the same time? Donate your time and volunteer with your bestie. You might help out a soup kitchen or walk an elderly neighbour’s dog. Is there any way to be tighter BFFs than changing the world together? You’re practically Batman and Superman right now.

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6. Get your gym shoes out

Whether you're a gym bunny already or just working on taking the stairs more often, having a buddy to help you with your fitness goals can be a life changer. Dream big with your goals and do a big fitness challenge together - whether it's a marathon, hiking Machu Picchu or something fun like taking circus classes. It's a massive undertaking testing your mental and physical selves - and supporting each other will only make you stronger.

7. Have a Pinterest-inspired Afternoon

If you’re a secret Pinterester, there is no doubt you’ve got a Pinterest board full of crafts, DIY projects and recipes you’ve been wanting to try but haven't gotten around to. Whether you're sprucing up your place or making a gift for your bestie, turn up the tunes and spend the afternoon getting glitter, glue, fabric and even food stuck to every available surface.

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8. Get extreme and tick off that bucket list

Get ready for the rush of a lifetime with your BFF and get ready to scream "Why did I let you convince me to do this?!". Test your limits and start ticking off those 'one-day' bucket list items. Skydiving? Bungee jumping? Scuba diving? Do it all. One. Terrifying. Challenge. At a time.

9. Explore your city with a scavenger hunt

Break away from the everyday routine and discover things you never knew about your city! Use a treasure hunt as an excuse to see somewhere new.
Nearly every city has some hidden caches to find with the global popularity of apps like Geocaching, or fire up Pokemon Go and grab that rare Pokemon you didn't quite get to the first time around.


This weekend, don't just go to the movies if you do that every week. Don't just chill out at the same restaurant. Break away from the ordinary and try something new for International Friendship Day.

If you aren't inspired yet, go on an epic coffee date with your #coffeemates. Head on over to Coffee-mate's Instagram and tell them about your plans for your coffee date (by Tuesday Aug 8th) and you might just score yourself a sweet prize. Heck yeah! NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Visit Nestle for contest rules. Contest closes Aug 8th, 2017. Quebec excluded.

Grab a coffee and Coffee-mate and start planning now for the best(ie) day of the year. How will you seize the day with your BFF?