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11 Talented Vancouver Nail Artists Who Will Step Up Your Nail Game

Sure my life isn't perfect, but at least my nails are.
11 Talented Vancouver Nail Artists Who Will Step Up Your Nail Game

LADIES, we all know that nails are somewhat of an art to you and having bad nails destroys everything.

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With these dope and stylin' nail artists, you will definitely have the coolest nails in the game and make all your friends jealous.

Check out some of Vancouver's finest who will leave you feeling super glam (#glamfam). 

via @xo.beautybykat

Beauty by Kat // @xo.beautybykat

Kat, an eyelash and nail tech, does the most beautiful nail art designs! Anything from something pink and pretty to something black and edgy - she does it all!

via @akibooom

Aki Nakajima // @akibooom

Currently the resident nail technician at Radiant Hair Salon, this bundle of sweetness is also one of the most bad ass nail artists around. Her skills come straight from the nail capital of Japan, so you know you're nails are in good hands.

via @nailsbyolivia.van

Nails by Olivia // @nailsbyolivia.van

Located near Metrotown, Olivia does some super cool nail designs. She can do marble, chrome nails, or any other design you want! Deffs worth checking out.

via @priscilla_nails

Priscilla Nails // @priscilla_nails

Graduating from Blanche Mcdonald, Priscilla is an incredibly talented nail artist. You can go to her if you want the classic French mani or want to spice it up with some marble!

via @liquidlaque

Liquid Laque // @liquidlaque

Sophie at Liquid Laque is an expert Swarovski artist who can give you major bling on your nails. Deffs worth checking out and guaranteed no one will have the same nails as you.

via @coquitlamnails

K Coquitlam Nails // @coquitlamnails

Bling bling bling! Your nails (and your soul) will be sparkling after she's done with you!

via @karonails_vancity

Karo Nails // @karonails_vancity

Karina is one of the best nail artists who only does hand services and is known for her super cool designs that are very aesthetically pleasing (hello insta).

via @_thebeautyagency

The Beauty Agency // @_thebeautyagency

Vanessa is bound to give you nails that make you feel super bad and boujee. Some of her designs actually feature 24K gold, sooooooo....

via @noveltynails_

Novelty Nails // @noveltynails_

Kat is anything BUT basic. Her designs are so fabulous, with sparkly gems and gold flakes, you will deffs leave feeling like a star.

via @akarinaildesign

Akari Nail Design // @akarinaildesign

Check out Akari for some super cool and very bling nail art designs. She will deffs give you some super unique nails!

via @hurworthnails

Hurworth Nails // @hurworthnails

Reppin' East Van is Julia the nail artist extraordinaire. From simple and classy to bejewelled and hella extra, Julia will cater to exactly what you want.

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