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9 Ways To Exercise in Vancouver Without Actually Feeling Like You’re Exercising

Dancing at the club is still dancing.
9 Ways To Exercise in Vancouver Without Actually Feeling Like You’re Exercising

So you want to start working on getting your ideal summer body, but the thought of going to a gym and having other people watch you get all sweaty and out of breath after ten minutes makes you cringe. Let me just say, you are not alone.

If the gym is not your scene and exercise is your mortal enemy, then try one of these nine activities that will let you have fun and get in shape at the same time.

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1. Clubbing

Surprising, I know. But just think, if you hit up Granville Street with your friends every single weekend and spend the whole night dancing, imagine how many calories you're burning! Plus dropping it low on the dance floor totally counts as a squat. However, this is significantly less effective if you're also drinking, so maybe sub that vodka shot for a glass of water. Your body will thank you, and plus you can mock all of your hungover friends the next morning when you're feeling great and they're still in bed at 4pm.

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2. Geocaching

Geocaching is essentially real life treasure hunting. There are a bunch of apps you can download for free if you want to try it out, and it's a super fun way to spend the day, too. Just imagine real life Pokemon Go, but instead of catching Pokemon, you get cool little presents. Plus, it gets you walking, and Vancouver is filled with endless geocaching locations.

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3. Literally just climb on stuff

Rock climbing is a super fun way to build up muscles and get in shape, but for some people it just feels too much like going to the gym. If you're one of those people, take a walk to your local forest or park and just start climbing. Vancouver is filled with nature, so there's no excuse. Climb a tree, jump over some logs, and parkour your way through the outdoors without having to worry about the stress that comes with being in an actual gym. Plus, it's free.

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4. Wash your car

When's the last time you actually washed your car and did a thorough job of it? It's probably been a while, hasn't it? The average person will actually burn about 6 calories a minute washing their car, so if you take about half an hour out of your day to get scrubbing, that's about 180 calories in half an hour.

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5. Capture the flag

Luckily, Vancouver has tons of great parks for playing outdoor games. Plus, capture the flag is even more fun as an adult because you're extra competitive now, and probably have a lot more secret resentment against your friends built up inside. What better way to get back at John for dating your sister than by totally annihilating him in a friendly match of capture the flag?

Photo cred- @rachcraft

5. Go to a trampoline park

There are quite a few trampoline parks in Vancouver already, and more and more keep opening. Who doesn't want to just bounce around a huge room made entirely of trampolines? It's great exercise, and plus they usually have foam pits there, too. Everyone loves a good foam pit.

Photo cred- @tallulahrosee

6. Fruit Baseball

It's baseball, but with fruit instead of baseballs. Hit up your local grocery store and head straight to the discounted fruits and vegetables rack, where they almost always sell huge bags of rotten produce for super cheap. It's almost always completely inedible already, so you feel less guilty about wasting food. Plus it's great for getting out all of your pent up rage.

Photo cred- @weheartit

7. Stand up paddle boarding

Super good for your core muscles, but you don't feel it until later. It's super relaxing, and honestly what's better than just paddling through the waters of English Bay while still getting a workout in?

Photo cred- @weheartit

8. Replace your desk chair with an exercise ball

Probably the easiest thing to do out of everything on this list. It will improve your posture since you can't slouch backwards onto the back rest, while also activating your core muscles to help out with your balance.

Photo cred- @galaxyroam

9. Roller blading

The entire Sea Wall is an aspiring roller blader's dream. Free, beautiful, and the perfect place to go with your friends. Plus, having your bestie with you will no doubt distract from the fact that you're exercising.

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