9 Work-From-Home Jobs You Can Apply For That Actually Pay Well In Vancouver

Kiss that commute goodbye.
9 Work-From-Home Jobs You Can Apply For That Actually Pay Well In Vancouver

If you are looking for a job, but hate the idea of commuting to work everyday, there are several alternatives to traditional in-office work that you may find interesting. These jobs will not likely make you rich beyond your wildest dreams, but they do allot the ability to dictate your own schedule, and in turn, your happiness.

These jobs are a great opportunity for those of you who want to make extra money in addition to your office work. And to others this may be the perfect amount of working-from-home to balance amidst your free and exciting lives. Either way, these applications are worth checking out if you are in search of employment in Vancouver.

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1. Online Customer Support

$10.50 per hour

The job requires that you have a PC running Windows Vista or Windows 7. You will also need to have a plain old landline telephone. If you are good with people and enjoy conversing, you can apply here.

2. Content Hunter/Booking Agent

$150 per day

You may need a little experience, but with competency in the required skills, this looks like an exciting career path. So if working for a video production company sounds motivating, apply here.

3. Medical Transcriptionist

Median rate: $18.43 per hour

A year of experience is required. The job entails transcribing and editing medical reports. You'll be listening to about 400 audio minutes per week. If you can handle that, apply here.

4. Evening Data Reviewer

Median salary: $51,772

This is an entry level position perfect for those wanting to work in the evenings. The task involves reviewing and reporting on raw data flow. Getting involved in the technology business is a smart move for the future. Apply here.

5. Recruiter

$50,000 per year

Working as a recruiter requires exceptional communication skills, experience with graphic design, and social media savvy. If you have a Bachelor's Degree and expertise in these areas, you can apply here.

6. Pet Sitter

Peer-to-peer (up to $65 per night per pet)

This one is for the animal lovers. Forget your 9-to-5 and just hang out with pets all day at your own home. This new business model allows you to choose your pay depending on customer demands. Apply here.

7. Part-Time Dog Walker

$12.50 per hour

In addition to pet sitting, if you love dogs and have a car, this is an awesome way to make a few extra bones. Apply here.

8. Video Editor/Videographer

$50,000 per year

You'll definitely need some experience for this one, but if you already love editing videos and have the necessary equipment, you could potentially turn a hobby into a career. It would also help if you had a professional portfolio before applying here.

9. English Tutor

$25 per hour

After doing well at university or college, you have the amazing opportunity to teach others. If you want to mentor english learners and get paid while working from home, apply here.

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