After what may have been the warmest, sunniest, most summer-like weekend in a while – we're feeling optimistic. There’s a world of events to look forward to in the next three months and this one will make summer -and the weekend - feel all that closer.

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The City of North Vancouver is hosting the “Fun City Festival” and they’re teaming up with Slide the City and their 1,000 foot long water slide!

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To accompany the slide, there will be vendors, food trucks, live music, DJs & entertainment. The event will be set up for non-sliders and people who just want to take in the sights as well; the city will boast a 200 foot long bean bag and an abundance of outdoor patios and seating areas.

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Tickets are available as a “triple slider” (three-pass) or an unlimited day pass! Early Bird Tickets are available starting at $20 USD, so we highly suggest grabbing tickets in advance.

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I don’t know about you, but if this summer is anything like our May long-weekend was, then there’s really no time to waste. It’s gonna be a long, hot summer and this is a seriously fun way to stay cool!

Slide The City takes place on August 12 and 13, from 10am-6pm. Get your friends, tickets and some smiles, and we'll see you there!