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BC Man Forced His Dog To Drag A Dumbbell Around His Neck And People Are Angry (VIDEO)

BC man forced his dog to drag a dumbbell around its neck and people are angry.

On March 31, 2019, a video surfaced on social media that has since gained a lot of attention. The video showed a BC man forcing his dog to drag a dumbbell around his neck while walking on the streets and people are very angry that this type of thing would even happen. Following this incident, police addressed the dog owner and he was not charged with animal cruelty. 

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The video of the incident was first posted by Vancouver resident Lisa Rossington on Twitter on March 31. It showed a dog dragging around a dumbbell attached to his neck. According to the tweet, the incident took place in Vancouver at Abbott and Pender. In Rossington’s tweet, she labels the act as abuse and then proceeds to tag the Vancouver police and the BC SPCA. 

In the video, you can see the owner encouraging his dog to walk as he leans to one side while dragging the dumbbell. From the video, it looks like the dumbbell is tied around a leash that is then tied around the dog's neck. 

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According to CityNews, the owner has been let go and he has not been charged with any animal cruelty by the police. Vancouver Police Sergeant Jason Robillard says that the dog was healthy and didn’t show any signs of abuse. “There was no evidence to support a criminal charge of any cruel charges at this time,” said Robillard. In the video, the dog can be seen wagging its tail. 

Guy at Abbott & Pender #Vancouver forcing his dog to drag a dumbbell down the street. This is abuse. Thank you to the ⁦@VancouverPD⁩ and Const. Courtney for handling this in such a professional and patient manner ⁦@ChiefPalmer⁩ ⁦@BC_SPCA⁩ ⁦@CityNewsVANpic.twitter.com/3hpLpJC8E2

April 1, 2019

Robillard also told CityNews that he spoke with the owner of the dog and determined that this incident was a training method. According to the dog owner, this is a method used to train dogs to become sled runners. 

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The video has since gained a lot of attention online and people are furious that this incident happened in the first place. Some people are calling it a clear case of animal cruelty. 

Via Screen Grab Lisa Rossington Twitter

Others are quick to note that there is no need for sled dogs or sled racing in Vancouver. Some even pointed out that this type of dog breed is not meant for pulling sleds.

Via Screen Grab Lisa Rossington Twitter

Via Screen Grab Lisa Rossington Twitter

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Although police did not find the incident to be any form of animal cruelty, they did seize the dumbbell that was tied to the dog's neck, which weighed roughly 30 pounds.