It's no secret to us that Canada is home to some amazing vegan food and restaurants. We're so lucky to have such a diverse range of vegan restaurants across the country. However, it looks like not only do Canadians recognize that, but the rest of the world too. A Canadian restaurant was ranked as the best vegan restaurant in the whole world

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"The 50 Best Vegan Restaurants in the World 2019" ranking was released by Big 7 Travel, a travel guide media company, earlier this week on March 6. Out of all the vegan restaurants in the world, a Canadian restaurant came out on the very top as number one. 

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Vancouver's The Acorn was named the best vegan restaurant in the entire world. It is located in the Main Street neighbourhood of Vancouver, BC. The vegan eatery is incredibly popular with both locals and tourists. "The Acorn is a vegetable-forward restaurant and bar at the heart of Vancouver’s Main St," wrote the ranking.

"They are inspirational when it comes to their vegan options. This is the sort of place you would happily dine in every day for the rest of your life – it’s just that tasty". 

Check out some photos of food from The Acorn below. Does it look amazing or what? 

Not only is their food both aesthetic and delicious, but their atmosphere is amazing too. The restaurant is gorgeous, modern and definitely chic but it's also dimly lit which offers an elegant and romantic vibe for foodies.

The Acorn is an award-winning restaurant in Vancouver. "It is a destination for diners seeking the best and most creative meals made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients," says the restaurant on their website.

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Their food caters to vegans, as well as gluten-free customers, but even meat-eaters love their food. They offer a variety of dishes, using ingredients such as beets, halloumi, herbs from local farms and more. You can check out their full menu on their website

To find out more about The Acorn, you can visit their website

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The restaurant was the only Canadian eatery to make it onto the rankings. Michelin restaurant Pied à Terre in London, England came in second on the list, and Smith & Daughters in Melbourne, Australia came in third. 

To check out the full rankings of the best vegan restaurants in the world, you can visit Big 7 Travel's website