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A Canadian Woman Almost Died After Getting Crushed By Piles Of Trash Inside Of A Garbage Truck

She was trapped in the truck for over 40 kilometres.
Garbage truck

On Sunday, a Canadian woman had a near-death experience after she got trapped inside of a garbage truck. After getting trapped, she was finally seen trying to climb to the top of the pile of garbage inside the truck after travelling for over 40 kilometres!

The authorities believe that the woman was sleeping in a dumpster in Chilliwack, B.C. before it got emptied into a garbage truck with her still inside it, according to CTV News. The woman wasn't noticed until the driver saw something moving via a camera on the truck, who then called the police. 

Stan Pilat was a witness to the whole incident – it was behind his wood shop where the driver noticed the woman. “There was this woman in there trying to climb up to the top,” Pilat told Global News

Fortunately, the woman was extremely lucky and in this instance, she did not suffer any life-threatening injuries from the accident. However, she did sustain some really serious injuries.

Assistant fire chief Craig Leighton said to Global News that "she was found to have a broken hip and bumps and bruises and was transported via ambulance for medical care.”

“Luckily, he didn’t dump (our) load because our load was full of sawdust and wood and splinters and stuff like that,” Pilat told Global News. “She’s a very lucky person. If he had of dumped that load, I don’t think she would have made it.”

This is not the first time someone has been hurt in the province through a garbage truck accident. Just one month ago in August, a man tragically died after being trapped in a garbage truck in Victoria, B.C.

Once again, the BC woman is extremely lucky that she was not inside of the truck while it was compacting and dumping it's load of garbage because it's very likely that she wouldn't have survived the accident.

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