This article was originally published on September 25, 2018.

A Canadian woman was filmed yelling death threats and racist comments on a public bus in Vancouver. The video of this incident has been posted on Facebook and has since gone viral with almost 200,000 views. It was posted 2 days ago, on Sunday night. 

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The video showed a confrontation between a woman and fellow passengers. According to the person who posted the video on Facebook, the whole incident started when she wouldn't let others sit in the empty seat next to her. She became angry and began hurling racist insults to those around her.

You can see the whole ordeal down below: 

In the video, you can see that the bus is quite busy and many people are standing as a result, but the woman would not let others sit beside her. She aggressively stood up many times to confront and yell at several other passengers. 

When a passenger tried to film her reaction, she freaked out at them and said "that’s an invasion of privacy. Don’t f— with me." But it didn't stop there. She added, "there are laws against pointing your phones at f—ing people. Do you understand me? I’ll f—ing kill you." 

At one point, she gets up and charges the crowd standing in the middle of the bus to seemingly attack a passenger that was yelling at her. In the process, she hits someone in the crowd, who you can hear say that the suspect hurt her. 

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According to Global News, the Metro Vancouver Transit Police are now investigating the incident. Over a thousand people have commented on the viral video, many showing their disdain. The video has been shared by almost 3000 people.