Whether you're a cat person or a dog person, pretty much everyone can agree that we all love cat videos. The internet phenomenon includes clips of cats doing hilarious things like knocking things off tables and generally just being cute, cuddly and adorable. In multiple cities across Canada, you can attend an actual Cat Video Festival where you'll be treated to over 70 minutes of the best cat videos of the year.

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Chosen from fan-submitted feline videos and the internet's finest music videos and animations, the selection here will not disappoint. You might never watch a movie where you hear so many people going  "Awwww!" throughout the night! There might even be a few cats at the event to greet you at the door. Part of the proceeds from the event will go to local cat sanctuary Cat's Cradle Animal Rescue.

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One of the reasons why cats can act so silly and weird is that they're both predator and prey. They exhibit both kinds of behaviours like hiding and pouncing! Even if you aren't a big animal person, you can't help but crack up when you see a cat wiggling its bum before pouncing on some unsuspecting string!

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Cat Video Fest 2019 is coming to multiple Canadian cities this spring. 

Here's a list of cities and dates when Cat Video Fest will be in your area.

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Ticket prices for the festival will vary depending on each theatre and city but part of proceeds will go to local cat shelters and charities so it's definitely worth it!