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A Couple From Canada Was Just Nominated For An Oscar For This Canadian Short Film

Alison Snowden & David Fine nominated Oscar for their Canadian short film "Animal Behaviour".
A Couple From Canada Was Just Nominated For An Oscar For This Canadian Short Film

The 2019 Oscar nominations were announced on Tuesday, January 22 and we're so excited to see that there are some Canadians representing our country at the awards. A couple from Canada was just nominated for an Oscar for their Canadian animated short film Animal Behaviour. The couple is from Vancouver, British Columbia. 

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Vancouver-based directors Alison Snowden and David Fine have received their first Oscar nomination in 24 years, according to Vancouver Courier. The couple received an Oscar in 1995 for their animated short Bob’s Birthday and 2019 could be the year they land their second win at the Academy Awards. We're cheering on this couple from Canada! 

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Their Oscar nomination is for their animated short film, Animal Behaviour. Not only are the directors behind the film Vancouver-based, but the short is Canadian as well! "Animal Behaviour is a National Film Board of Canada production and was produced from Alison and David’s home studio in Vancouver," reads the official website

The film has been nominated for an Academy Award in the best animated short film category.

The Vancouver couple is super excited about their Oscar nomination. "We are so touched and honoured that Animal Behaviour has been recognized this way by Academy voters," they said in a statement, according to Vancouver Courier.

Snapshot of Best Short Animation #OscarNoms Alison Snowden and David Fine before sending them home for a short siesta after a busy media morning in Vancouver! #AnimalBehaviour

January 22, 2019

Not only are the directors representing Canada with the Oscar-nominated Animal Behaviour, but the film's cast members are too. The entire cast of the Canadian film is Vancouver-based.

Via She's The Man | IMDB

There are some major Canadian celebs in Animal BehaviourJames Kirk voices one of the characters. If this name sounds familiar, it's because this Vancouver-based actor once played Amanda Bynes' twin, Sebastian, in iconic rom-com She's The Man. 

Canadian actress Andrea Libman also brings her voice to the nominated short film. She is known for her role playing the voice of AndrAIa from ReBoot, which is a popular Canadian animated action-adventure TV series. 

Via IMDb | Reboot

Check out the trailer for Animal Behaviour below! You can watch the trailer on Vimeo

The trailer description describes Animal Behavior as a short animated film where "five animals meet regularly to discuss their inner angst in a group therapy session led by Dr. Clement, a canine psychotherapist". 

Via Screenshot | Vimeo

Via Screenshot | Vimeo

Via Screenshot | Vimeo

The short film skillfully brings a comedic approach to emotional issues. There are characters that are relatable to everyday life, like Cheryl, "a praying mantis who can’t seem to keep a man" and Todd, who is "a pig with an eating disorder". All of them meet together to discuss their issues in a group therapy session, and from the looks of the trailer, the drama is headed their way. 

You'll even be able to watch the Oscar-nominated film for free very soon! The NFB announced it would make Animal Behaviour free to watch on YouTube from February 11 to 24, according to Vancouver Courier. You can also find out more about Animal Behavior and Vancouver-based directors Alison Snowden and David Fine on their website

Tune in to watch the 91st Academy Awards on February 24, 2019, to see if our Canadian reps take home an Oscar! 

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