A cyclist and driver got into a collision in Victoria, British Columbia on Saturday, November 17th, and things quickly escalated into a nasty encounter. After the crash, the cyclist actually pooped on the streets and then threw his own feces onto the driver's car. The cyclist has taken road rage to a whole new level. 

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The cyclist reportedly threw his own poop at the driver in order to get back at them after he was knocked onto the ground by their car. The feces hit the windshield of the driver's car. This all took place on a public intersection and witnesses filmed the incident. 

Check out the full video of what happened, which was uploaded to Facebook by a witness. You can also see the video on Reddit

In the video, you can see the cyclist, who is a male, throw something onto the windshield of the car. The witness filming the video can then be heard saying, "Oh sh*t. I've never seen that in my life. He just took a shit and threw it on the window". The cyclist then gets back and his bike and rides away from the scene. 

The witness, Joshua Loftus, uploaded the video to Facebook, where it received over 8,000 views and Reddit. Loftus told CTV News that he was at work when he heard a commotion. From across the street, he saw the cyclist open and close the car door of the driver, then poop onto the ground and throw his feces onto the car.

"I didn't see the car hit him or him hit the car. I knew he was obviously really upset," said Loftus. "Whipped his pants down, laid it down and whipped it at the window like full chimpanzee mode," he said. "I have never seen anything like it in my life."

Other people also witnessed the feces incident and reported it to the police. Victoria Police are now investigating the incident, according to CTV News. "There's some information that the cyclist might've opened the door and was verbally abusive to the driver prior to defecating," Victoria police spokesman Const. Matt Rutherford told CTV News.

"The investigation is still ongoing and we're still attempting to locate the cyclist." The cyclist could get charged with mischief, according to the police.