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A Dead Rat Was Actually Found In Someone's Soup At A Popular Vancouver Restaurant (VIDEO)

A dead rat was reportedly found in a soup bowl at Crab Park Chowdery in Vancouver.
A Dead Rat Was Actually Found In Someone's Soup At A Popular Vancouver Restaurant (VIDEO)

A Vancouverite was in for a disgusting surprise when she reportedly found a dead rat in her soup bowl at a popular Vancouver restaurantThe woman, named Adele according to her Instagram posted proof of the horrifying encounter onto Instagram last night and the video has gone viral. 

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Adele was eating at Crab Park Chowdery in Vancouver when her friend found an unexpected surprise in her soup bowl - reportedly a dead rat. "Today my friend ordered Manhattan clam chowder and had a little surprise in it - A RAT," wrote Adele on her Instagram post. "Well I don’t know what else to say about it.... this place just need to be closed or at least people have to be aware about this situation". 

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Adele added that she was trying to help others from experiencing the same traumatic experience. "The cafe is kinda popular though... I’m just trying to help people to avoid places like that," she wrote in her post. 

She elaborated more on the experience in the Instagram post. "Its an awful feeling, it’s not a fly or a bug it’s a fucking big fat rat boiling in the soup pot, which means my friend was not the only who had a chance to try it," wrote Adele. 

The Instagram post quickly blew up and has since amassed over 500 comments. Check out the video of the disgusting encounter for yourself and try not to get goosebumps. 

According to Adele, the restaurant apologized and the owner talked about the situation with her friend, reports Kelowna Now. Vancouver Coastal Health has yet to confirm the incident. However, according to Kelowna Now, Crab Park Chowdery has received several critical infractions from Vancouver Coastal Health in the past. 

The video made its way onto Reddit and hundreds of people have commented about the incident. According to a Redditor, the restaurant has been deleting and limiting comments on their social media about the rat. "Oh, no. They are done for," wrote Redditor victoria-n. "They’re actively deleting and limiting comments regarding the rat. It wasn’t just in this bowl, the rat was simmered in an entire batch".

They added, "A lot of people ate this rat soup without knowing it. These poor souls just had a nice serving of the little guy. I find it really unbelievable that NO ONE noticed a large chunk of something with laddling the chowder into the bread bowl. That is a FULL BOILED RAT". Their comment received 200 points. 

Another Redditor confirmed that the restaurant was deleting comments about the rat incident. "I just tweeted about it and they blocked me. It's like 5 in the morning," commented HaileyHeartless. They updated the comment later and wrote, "Edit: seeing them delete comments and block people on social media, you can bet your ass they're going to lawyer up at 8am". 

Many more people commented on the Reddit thread their disbelief and disdain that a dead rat was actually found in someone's meal at this Vancouver restaurant.

Crab Park Chowdery has yet to directly respond to the allegations. 

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