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A Man Dressed Up As Batman Tried To Help BC Police Fight Crime And It’s Hilarious (VIDEO)

Batman tried to help out police in BC with a domestic dispute call and it was hilarious.

It’s not every day that police get help from a masked vigilante. Police officers in Kelowna, BC were responding to a potentially armed domestic disturbance call over the weekend when a man dressed up as Batman showed up to help save the day. The police were less than impressed and politely asked him to leave but not before an onlooker could snag a video of the entire incident. The video is hilarious and we are so jealous we didn’t get to see it live. 

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Kelowna RCMP told Narcity that on March 22nd, 2019, they received a report of a domestic disturbance. When officers arrived on the scene, they were informed that the situation was potentially more dangerous than they originally predicted as one person was suspected to be armed.

The incident took place in a residential neighbourhood and because of this, police asked drivers and pedestrians to stay clear of the area. Cars were asked to pull over away from the crime scene, but apparently, these rules don’t apply to Batman. 

Kelowna local, Melissa Parent, happened to be driving in the area when the incident took place and managed to catch the entire thing on video. When she saw a Batman vehicle pull up in front of her, she started recording. As guns were drawn by police and tensions were high, Batman stepped out of his vehicle and began walking towards the scene. 

Batman must be trying to lay low these days because according to the video, his Batmobile was gone and was replaced with a black pickup truck. He clearly wasn't fully disguised as he had a big Batman decal on the back of his truck and was wearing his full super-suit. 

Once Batman was out of his truck, he walked towards the scene in hopes of saving the day. Kelowna RCMP was a little less than enthused and politely asked him to leave the potentially dangerous scene. 

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While this was a funny sight, Paul MacDougall with the Kelowna RCMP has stated that this could have been a dangerous situation as the domestic incident had the possibility of firearms.

“It was an undisclosed event and the info was unknown at the time and taken seriously. The risk to public safety was unfolding. It can unfold in many ways and shots could have been fired. Our advice to the public was to stay away from the area,” said MacDougall. “They are putting themselves at risk by approaching the scene. They are also risking the safety of police.”

MacDougall did have a sense of humour about the incident, even laughing when Batman was brought up during a telephone interview, but his viewpoint is simple. Even if you are a billionaire vigilante, don’t get involved with police work. 

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Last Friday, when the event took place, the Kelowna Fan Experience (KFX) was in town. This event had many people dress up as their favourite characters while they took in some seriously cool pop culture events. MacDougall has said that Batman may have been in town for the event, although he has seen the familiar black truck with the Batman logo around town. 

RCMP continued on their investigation without the help of Batman and found out that there was no involvement of firearms. According to MacDougall, no charges were laid as the dispute was not criminal in nature.