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A Man Escaped A B.C. Prison And Evaded Police For 9 Days, Only To Get Caught For The Stupidest Reason

We’ve all seen movies where someone makes a daring escape from a prison of some sort with a complicated plan and a well thought out way of avoiding capture ever again.

However, a convict who managed to escape the authorities recently in B.C. is not one of those people you see in the movies.

He managed just 9 days of freedom before being captured again, not because the police were tracking him, but because he messed up in a hilarious way. 

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The man was being held at the Fraser Regional Corrections Centre in Maple Ridge B.C. when he escaped from an off-site work assignment (basically one of those things you see in the movies with a bunch of convicts working on some sort of community project outside of prison) in the town of Pitt Meadows and fled the authorities on June 13.

His escape went pretty well at first, he managed to travel about 35 km from Pitt Meadows all the way to downtown Vancouver somehow. 

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And then put a tiny toe out of line and got nailed for it.

On June 22 police in downtown Vancouver stopped a man for riding a bike without wearing a helmet.

It was the escaped convict.

Once police realized they were attempting to ticket an escaped convict they quickly arrested him without incident. 

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He’s now back in custody after his short-lived bid for freedom.

Not quite the well thought out plan you see in The Shawshank Redemption.

Source: CBC

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