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A Man Trashed A BC Tim Hortons After His Iced Capp Was Made Wrong (VIDEO)

Police are looking for the suspect after he threw his coffee and a computer monitor after his drink order was incorrect.
A Man Trashed A BC Tim Hortons After His Iced Capp Was Made Wrong (VIDEO)

It's a known fact that Canadians love their coffee and we have a ton of loyalty to Tim Hortons for getting us our daily caffeine fix. While most of us can be grumps without our morning cup of joe, some people can get down-right nasty. 

Some of us can imagine giving an employee a piece of our mind after waiting in a drive-thru line up, one customer in New Westminister, British Columbia, actually lost it on some Tim Horton's employees after his drink was made wrong.

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The security footage from the incident starts with an Iced Capp placed on the counter in front of the male customer. For the first 20 seconds of the video, he can be seen having what looks like a heated argument with the Tim Hortons worker before dumping the drink all over the counter. 

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Via New Westminster Police Department l YouTube

After dumping out the contents of the ice cap all over the counter, the man throws the cup at the female employee who is walked away from him. You can see the man yelling at the employee in the security footage after walking out of the shot. 

The customer then paces in front of the service counter and continues the spat with the employees before knocking over the monitor that's set up to take orders.

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Via New Westminster Police Department l YouTube

Allegedly, the man had also kicked and punched another customer in the coffee shop who tried to break up the altercation and stop the man from yelling at the employees. 

The incident with the man occurred at the Tim Horton's found in Shops at New West located at the New Westminster SkyTrain Station on September 6th of this year. Police are asking for citizen's to help identify the man, as he's being investigated for assault and mischief. 

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Via Screenshot l Google Maps

As many Canadians visit Tim Hortons every day it seems like an incident like this would be a one-time thing. Yet wildly enough, these types of altercations between Tim Hortons employees and customers are becoming increasingly normal. 

Earlier this year another BC resident tried to attack a Tim Hortons worker and literally ended up throwing her own poop across the counter. The internet went wild after this first video but it didn't stop there. 

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Via Michael Dempster, / Binder Singh

Another Tim Horton's worker was assaulted in Brampton, Ontario after a customer broke into the store through the drive-thru window. It was all caught on video after an altercation that broke out between two employees and one customer, ultimately leading to a 21-year old woman's arrest

Last month in London, Ontario a man was shot at a local Tim Hortons coffee shop and was killed as a result of his injuries. The incident occurred in the parking lot after three men approached the victim and shot the 21-year old, who later died in hospital. 

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Via New Westminster Police Department l YouTube

In regards to what happened in New Westminster, BC, media relations officer Sergeant Jeff Scott said, "It is concerning that someone can become that irate over an apparently incorrect order, but thankfully nobody was seriously injured. We are asking for the assistance of the public to identify the suspect, which will help continue our investigation into the alleged assault and mischief."

While the video shows the suspect, he is also being described as a Caucasian male with short brown hair. He also stands around 5’6” in height and between ages 20 and 25 approximately. 

Anyone with information regarding the suspect is asked to contact New Westminster Police at 604-525-5411. 

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