A Man Was Caught Exposing Himself To Girls Showering At This Canadian University

RCMP are looking for a man who was caught masturbating on UBC campus.
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A Man Was Caught Exposing Himself To Girls Showering At This Canadian University

Many young men and women expect that when they're taking a shower on campus after soccer practice or returning from classes that they'll find one or two other people in the showers and that they won't be alone. This fact is not surprising.

However, on Thursday, September 13th, a young girl was taken by surprise when she was showering in the women's only washroom in her residence that evening. The woman claims that the incident occurred that evening around 9:45 PM at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. 

She was showering when all of sudden, she heard a man speaking to her from another stall in the room. At the same time, a second girl walked in and saw the man, who was allegedly masturbating without any clothes on. 

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According to Global News, several other witnesses saw and even spoke to the man. After he was caught in the women's washroom, he got dressed and fled the scene. 

RCMP were called to the scene of the incident but by that time, he had fled and they were unable to find the suspect.

University RCMP stated that the suspect is of South Asian or Middle Eastern descent. He has darker skin, looks to be about 5'7" to 5'8" tall. 

He's described to have an average build, curly hair, which was darker on the sides and lighter on top of his head. He's believed to be in his 30s or early 40s. 

He was seen to be wearing a light-coloured hoodie and grey sweatpants and a small diamond/crystal earring. 

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If you have any information, UBC RCMP is asking that you contact them at 604-224-1322.

Source:Global News 

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