With all the humidity and temperatures still at a high, weekends are starting to get hot real fast. There's no fun in laying around and sweating in your backyard, why not do something spontaneous and spur-of-the-moment? 

Vancouver's largest waterfight is returning for the tenth consecutive year. The event (hosted by Flash Mob Vancouver and Vancouver Waterfight) began in 2008 and has only amplified in size ever since. Hundreds of participants are expected this year to join the festivities, with even more to spectate and watch. 

via @yasmiinba

The event takes place on Sunday, August 13th from 1PM to 4 PM at Lumberman's Arch in Stanley Park! It will start with a giant horn blast and 1 PM and the epic water fight will take place rain or shine. 

Ready to get wet? Here are some rules and tips via the event's Facebook page. 

  • Bringing your own water guns is a requirement, though water bottles and medium-sized containers work in a pinch. 

  • Although water balloons are permitted, you're fully expected to stay behind after and clean - littering is a crime!

  • Act responsibly and keep others in check as well. 

  • Dress for the occasion; costumes are highly encouraged!

  • Nudity is not accepted at any time of the waterfight. 

  • Be sure to protect your phone and camera at all times; organizers are not responsible for any damage. 

  • Leave the public (passerbys and spectators) out of the action - if they have a water gun, they're free game. 

  • Died water will not be permitted. 

  • Don't get too heated, remember that it's all good fun. 

For more info you can check out their Facebook page! Be safe, be responsible and be ready for an awesome time!