The city of Vancouver dealt with a rather unusual criminal this weekend as a serial spitter roamed the streets of the city, spitting on people throughout the day.  The serial spitter, Danial Bielewcz, 28, has been arrested and faces charges, yet some of the victims that were targeted still remain unknown. 

The serial spitter incident took place this Sunday when the suspect, Bielewcz, was roaming around the area of Granville Street and Georgia Street in the early morning. 

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Vancouver Police have obtained video surveillance footage that shows the suspect walking down the street throughout the day and assaulting at least four victims within a short period of time. 

The first case involves a 19-year-old woman in a wheelchair. At around 9 a.m. Bielewcz approached the woman before spitting in her face. Police were notified by this woman which led to arrest and charges that Bielewcz is now facing. 

Yet, the Vancouver Police state that there are still other victims out there that remain unidentified. Police are asking these victims to come forward to help with the investigation. 

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Within the footage that was recovered by police, it shows Bielewcz walking towards West Georgia Street after spitting in the face of the first woman. It was then that he appears to spit on the chest of an elderly man. 

The suspect then continues to walk down the street, where he is then seen to be spitting at two women who were walking past him at the corner of Granville and Georgia. 

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These random assaults have caused concern for the Vancouver Police and they are unsure of the motives for these attacks.  Police are asking anyone with more information or anyone who may be a victim to call 604-717-3321.

This isn't the first spitting case that has happened within B.C. recently. In 2016, a B..C. woman was sentenced to jail after she spat in a bus driver's face. 

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In that case, the 22-year-old woman was arrested after she was seen spitting in a bus driver's face after the driver asked her to leave the bus for swearing repeatedly. After her arrest, she faced two weeks in jail and a one-year ban from any vehicle that was operated by Coast Mountain Bus Company. 

Source: CTV News