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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, officials have put in effect strict health and safety rules that businesses must follow. One of the rules has seriously reduced the maximum capacity of how many people can be in a restaurant at one time. With the seriousness of this pandemic, officials are not being lenient and because of this, a Vancouver Tim Hortons was punished for having too many people inside their establishment. They were allegedly over capacity by one person. 

Officials with the province have ordered that all open food-service businesses must keep their capacity at a maximum of 50 people. 

While this is the provincial norm, Vancouver has taken this rule and made it more strict by only allowing 10 people inside a business at a time. 

According to Global News, a Tim Hortons in Vancouver did not follow this rule and because they had one too many people, their license has been temporarily pulled. 

City inspectors allegedly visited the location on West Pender Street on four different occasions and issued several warnings. 

Eventually, their license was pulled on Thursday, April 2, for “gross misconduct.”

Global News has specified that this suspension will last three days. 

Tim Hortons told the news outlet that their license was suspended after a bylaw officer found one extra person inside the store. Therefore, there were 11 people inside instead of the acceptable 10. 

A spokesperson said that the restaurant owner works hard to serve the guests that frequent the store that often have “challenging social needs.”

They also called the neighbourhood in which the store is located "challenging." It is especially difficult amid the pandemic. 

Narcity has reached out to Tim Hortons for comment and we will update this story when we receive a response.

While officials are optimistic about the province's COVID-19 forecast, two transit workers have just tested positive for COVID-19 in Vancouver. 

B.C. also had its first large novel coronavirus community outbreak in West Kelowna that infected at least 14 of over 70 foreign and local workers. 

Tim Hortons claimed the store owner will request support from Vancouver police to keep customers inside limited to 10 at a time. 

The Province is reporting that the store will reopen Monday, April 6.

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