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7 Adorable Townhouses For Sale That Are Vancouver’s Definition Of Affordable

Affordable for Vancouver, that is!
Affordable Vancouver Townhouses Under $800,000 Even A Millennial Could Afford

For being such an outrageously expensive city, Vancouver sure is pretty. Despite the skyrocketing property values, however, we managed to scrounge together some affordable Vancouver townhouses that even a broke millennial might be able to afford someday.

Other than its soggy weather, Vancouver might best be known for its ridiculous housing prices.

With the ever-inflating real estate market on top of our student loans and down payments on our avocado toasts, this city is quickly becoming straight-up unlivable.

We might even have to start mortgaging our parking lots soon. The sad thing is, that's not even a joke.

Luckily, not everything's doom and gloom. We've managed to scrape together some of the more affordable properties in the city, and these townhouses will make an adorable home.

While non-Vancouverites might balk at these prices, the sad reality is these are already much more affordable than some of the other places in this city where the ridiculous prices will make you cry.

These are some of our favourite and more affordable townhomes for sale in Vancouver right now, going from least to most expensive:

The Bright And Spacious

Price: $599,000

Address: 106 - 2181 12 Ave. W., Vancouver, BC

Description: With plenty of light and open space, this one-bedroom townhouse is ready to be called home.

View Here

Four-Bedroom Fun

Price: $619,900

Address: 2 - 3558 49 Ave. E., Vancouver, BC

Description: This is for sale at a super low price for four bedrooms. It's a townhouse with enough room to feel like a single-family home.

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City Lookout

Price: $659,000

Address: 15 - 1201 Lameys Mill Rd., Vancouver, BC

Description: This one-bedroom townhouse close to Granville Island comes with a gorgeous city view and a balcony to take in the air.

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Glass Home

Price: $748,000

Address: 1056 Pacific Bvd., Vancouver, BC

Description: Boasting glass walls and a sleek, modern design, this one-bedroom home that looks a bit like an office is right in the heart of Yaletown.

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Waterfront Walkway

Price: $749,000

Address: 1557 Mariner Walk, Vancouver, BC

Description: With lovely waterfront views and a pets-welcome policy, this spacious one-bedroom apartment can be yours for (relatively) cheap.

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Lynn Valley Rest

Price: $749,000

Address: 6 - 1015 Lynn Valley Rd., North Vancouver, BC

Description: Found in the peaceful Lynn Valley, this two-bedroom townhouse has easy access to plenty of hiking and biking trails.

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Functionally Modern

Price: $789,000

Address: 1 - 3601 Rae Ave., Vancouver, BC

Description: This brand new townhouse is still under construction. Slated to finish in 2021, this home has two bedrooms and fast access to transit.

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