Vancouver Has Way More Air Canada Flights To Asia Than Anywhere Else In Canada Right Now

With more to come.
Air Canada International Flights: Vancouver Has More Asian Flights Than All Of Canada Now

Out-of-the-country vacations might be a long way off for some of us but the airports are already starting to pick up again. We are getting more Air Canada international flights next month across Canada. From now until mid-June, the airline will have more Asian flights from Vancouver than any other airport in Canada.

The airline's flight schedule was just released on Friday, May 22, and they've got almost 100 places to fly to. From YVR airport, distant destinations include Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul, and London.

"As YVR is Air Canada’s primary trans-Pacific hub, it made sense to build our schedule to Asia from YVR with connecting flights to and from the rest of our network," wrote Air Canada to Narcity.

According to them, only Vancouver and Toronto will be taking flights to Asian cities from June to July.

And, from now until Wednesday, June 24, Vancouver will have more Air Canada flights to Asia than any other airport in Canada.

Right now there's a global travel advisory from the federal government that warns people not to travel worldwide unless it's essential.

You can already fly to Seoul or Hong Kong from Vancouver right now; according to their flight listings, there are currently no other flights into Asia until June.

Starting June, Vancouver will also ramp it up with four and five flights a week to Hong Kong and Seoul, respectively. They'll also be doing four flights every week to Tokyo.

In July, Air Canada also plans to open flights from Vancouver to Beijing and Shanghai in China, as long as they get government approval.

Though Vancouver got a head start, Air Canada in Toronto will also open its doors starting June with three flights a week to Tokyo.

Later on, by Wednesday, June 24, they'll increase to having a flight every day to Hong Kong and Seoul, beating out Vancouver.

But while Vancouver has Asian travel covered, Montreal and Toronto are the biggest hubs for European flights with the airline.

Rain City only has flights to London, with plans to connect with Frankfurt in July.

Countries like Greece are already opening their doors to international travel and have flights from Canada. If you are planning an international trip in 2020, one thing is for sure, it won't be quite the same as it used to be.

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