You Can Get All Purple Everything At This Dessert Shop In Vancouver This Spring

We 💜 ube.
All Purple Cafe In Vancouver Is The Perfect Spot To Wait For Spring

We can't wait for spring and to see all the magical colours it brings. There's a dessert spot in the city that's a violet paradise for anyone who wants spring to come ASAP. Flip Side desserts is an all purple cafe in Vancouver that has a ton of brightly coloured treats you won't be able to resist.

Spring in Vancouver is full of colour. The city erupts in pink cherry blossoms and we flock to fields of tulips to get our fix of colour. 

What you're seeing in these treats isn't a copious amount of food dye — they get that colour from ube, AKA purple yam. 

Ube treats have an exciting purple flavour that you don't see too often. This Filipino-inspired dessert spot is perfect for surprising your s/o or for meeting your BFFs. 

If purple isn't your thing, you can also hit up one of Vancouver's matcha cafes and let their all green menu inspire you with spring.

This hidden gem is cash only so make sure you hit up the ATM before you drop by, otherwise, you'll be sad to miss out on the colourful goodness.

They have milkshakes, ice cream, shaved ice and cake. Plus, their ice cream-filled buns made out of Filipino pandesal are so delicious.

In his song Trust Issues, Drake sings "Two white cups and I got that drink/ It could be purple, it could be pink."

Do you think he was talking about an Ube milkshake? And possibly a strawberry milkshake?

Locals love to get a "flight" of purple treats here because the eye-catching treats taste amazing and they look good on the 'gram.

You can get a heaping slice of ube cake, a scoop of ube ice cream and a massive ube milkshake.

There are more flavours to try here than just the bright purple ube ones, too. 

You can also get flavours like Pandan that smells and tastes like a light floral, grassy vanilla. Plus, there's halo-halo flavour that's like a fun mixed bag of Filipino flavours.

Flip Side Desserts

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Filipino-inspired Desserts

Address: 5538 Joyce St., Vancouver, BC

Why You Need To Go: Celebrate life with treats so purple you'll think they're made out of spring itself.

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