Amazon Has 300 Jobs Open In Vancouver & A Ton Are No-Experience Needed

Entry level and hiring now.
Amazon Is Hiring In Vancouver With 300 Open Positions & No Experience Needed Jobs

The job situation right now is pretty tough, but there are still plenty of opportunities out there if you know where to look. Amazon is hiring in Vancouver as part of a giant recruitment push, and they're looking to fill 300 positions. Plus, it includes a ton of no-experience positions that are great if you need a job ASAP. 

The new openings in Vancouver include entry-level warehouse workers involved in "picking, packing, and shipping customer orders," said Amazon in a statement to Narcity.

The company's been kept super busy with COVID-19, and need plenty of new talent to meet the demand. Globally, they're looking for roughly 75,000 new employees for a wide range of roles.

You can find all the opportunities on their website.

To help their employees through COVID-19, they've also made 150 process updates, they said, including doubling hourly pay when working overtime and giving extra paid leave to those diagnosed with the virus.

That's all on top of extra measures like social distancing enforcement, enhanced cleaning, and disinfection.

In 2020, Amazon was one of B.C.'s top employers in part because of its benefits including $3,000 tuition subsidies for certain programs, fully salaried maternity leaves for up to 14 weeks, and more.

Their entry-level positions are mostly based in their warehouses and require no prior experience, training, or certificate. Starting wages are $15.75 an hour, with a 50-cent an hour increase for working night shifts.

This includes a lot of lifting of heavy objects, standing and walking in shifts of up to 12 hours, and operating industrial vehicles with training provided.

They're also looking for a ton of tech jobs but those require at least two years of experience for many of them. But it's good news for anyone with a background in development and software engineering.

In their statement, Amazon said recent new hires came from a bunch of other backgrounds and many were laid off over COVID-19 difficulties.

These include everyone from former valet drivers and restaurant cooks to people who "just want to help out." If you are looking for a practically pandemic-proof job then this could be a good fit.

Amazon Opportunities

Salary: $15.75 an hour for entry-level warehouse work.

Company: Amazon

Why You Should Apply: With this absolute truckload of jobs open, you're certain to find something that fits you.

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